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  • Energy Efficiency TechnologyENEN90011

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    AIMSThis subject explores the scope and methods for improving energy efficiency across a range of sectors. Improving energy efficiency is one of the key responses to increasingly scarce natural resources and problems caused by pollutants arising from energy production and use. A range of energy s...

  • Groundwater HydrologyENEN90030

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    AIMS This subject covers theoretical and practical aspects of groundwater flow, and groundwater contaminant transport. The subject includes the field methods to characterise aquifers, the modelling of groundwater flow, and transport of, pollutants through porous media and reactions. The subject ...

  • Problem Solving in Environmental ScienceEVSC30002

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    The subject includes methods of hypothesis development, experimental design and testing in environmental impact assessment, design and analysis of sampling and monitoring programs and their subsequent analysis, and evaluating proposed solutions for their technical feasibility and risk.

  • Climate Science for Decision-MakingATOC90002

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. This subject covers the basics of climate science - including climate change, natural variability, extremes, climate scenarios, and detection and attribution - and how this translates into impacts on society, ecosystems and economies...

  • Modern and Future ClimateATOC30006

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    The main area of study in this subject is the broad examination of what maintains present climate and the manner in which the relevant processes may change into the future. The topics to be covered in the subject include the global distributions of mean climatological parameters in present clima...

  • Atmosphere Ocean InteractionATOC30003

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject gives an overview of the interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere on a wide range of time and space scales. Topics include the planetary boundary layers in the ocean and the atmosphere, momentum and heat exchanges, fundamental causes of ocean circulation, ocean wave theory in...

  • Forest SystemsFRST30001

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    At a global scale forests are managed by societies in a wide range of ways for goods and services that reflect the needs of people and their aspirations for the environment. Forests are viewed and valued by society in many different ways, often in competition with each other, adding significant c...

  • Forests in the Asia Pacific RegionFRST90030

    Offered:NovemberYear:2019Quotas apply

    The Asia Pacific region is of crucial importance to Australia and to the future management of global forest resources. The region has over half the world’s population and countries with the fastest growing populations and economies. This is placing increased demand on forest resources in the regi...

  • Fire in the Australian LandscapeFRST20015

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Australian ecosystems are inextricably linked to fire and adapted to specific fire regimes.  The subject explores the role of fire in contemporary Australian landscapes.  Combustion is the result of physical and chemical processes occurring at multiple scales.  Students will be taught the fundam...

  • Urban Forest EcosystemsFRST30003

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject imparts detailed knowledge on the crucial role that urban forests are playing in the development and resilience of sustainable cities around the world, using both local and international case studies. It begins by exploring the unique composition of urban forests, and the multiple so...

  • Biosecurity: Managing Invasive SpeciesNRMT90002

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Invasions are natural ecological phenomena. Dispersing individuals encounter suitable habitat, establish, spread and evolve. In this way, species have radiated outwards from their origins, colonised distant offshore islands, and species have spread in response to changes in climate. Human-induce...

  • Water Sensitive Urban DesignEVSC90025


    There is increasing recognition around the world of the threats facing urban environments and their water resources. In many cities water demand is approaching or exceeding limits of sustainability, leading to increasing interest in alternative water sources, such as stormwater harvesting, wastew...

  • Research Project in Ecosystem Sci Part 4EVSC90030

    Offered:January, JulyYear:2019

    This subject is part of a sequence of four (A to D) taken in successive semesters that together constitute the 125-point research project offered through the MSc Ecosystem Science. This project provides students with the opportunity to design and conduct independent research in one or more discip...

  • Ecosystem & Forest Science Research Pt1NRMT40014

    Offered:March, JulyYear:2019

    This subject develops a student’s ability to design and undertake a research project in the fields of ecosystem science, landscape management or forest science and their related social sciences and to report on this in written and verbal form. The project is completed under supervision of an acad...

  • Social Research MethodsNRMT40005

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    Understanding of social processes and action is critical to effective land and environment management; social research skills are therefore valued by resource management agencies. The subject aims to equip students with knowledge and skills to design social research which can be used to improve m...

  • Land Resources and ManagementNRMT10007

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    Students will develop an understanding of land resources and factors impacting on their management, including principles of sustainable land use, the processes of land degradation (physical, chemical and biological), control of land degradation and practical development of land management plans. ...

  • Communities and Ecosystem ManagementNRMT90007

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    In this subject, ideas and theories from the social sciences are applied to people’s involvement in social-ecological systems. Subject teaching includes lectures, group exercises and case studies, including at least one full day field trip. The subject covers the following areas: Philosophy and ...

  • Long Research Project BFRST90077

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    The Research Project develops a student’s ability to design and undertake a substantial body of work, to find solutions to an issue, and to report on this in written and verbal form. The project topic is developed in close collaboration between student and academic supervisors. Project definition...

  • Short Research Project BFRST90076

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject enables students to conduct an original research topic, under supervision approved by the subject coordinator. The work commitment will be equivalent to lecture and practical based subjects worth 25 points. The content and extent of the project will be determined by a project supervi...

  • Conserving and Managing Native ForestsFRST90078


    Native forests are globally important natural resources. Their conservation and management is critical to local and regional populations for the biodiversity that they harbour and the ecosystem services that they provide. This subject will explore the conservation and management of native forests...