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  • Taxation Law IBLAW30002

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject provides students with an overview of the operation of the Australian taxation system with an emphasis on solving common practical tax questions. The subject examines income tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and goods and services tax law for different types of taxpayers. ...

  • Free Speech and Media LawBLAW10002

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Our current laws regarding free speech and media have grown up in an era of mainstream media institutions. Now every individual with a computer or mobile device and access to the internet can record, report and comment on events, and frequently does. The old focus on organised media and largely p...

  • Taxation Law IIBLAW30003

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    Taxation Law II will explore different topics to those covered in Taxation Law I and will also examine some topics which are briefly covered in Taxation Law I in further detail. This subject will cover: Tax Structures – companies, trusts and partnerships;international taxation issues;Taxation of...

  • Privacy Law and Social NetworksBLAW20002

    Offered:Summer TermYear:2019

    The limited protection of privacy for those who engage with online social networks has provoked a range of policy and law reform debates. This subject will delve deeply into the question of privacy law and social networks in an effort to explain and critique the current legal position as well as ...

  • Corporate LawBLAW20001

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    A survey of the law governing the formation, regulation, and termination of companies. This subject analyses the internal controls on company management and their effects upon outsiders, and considers the rights and remedies of those affected by companies and their controllers.

  • Principles of Business LawBLAW10001

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    Principles of Business Law provides an introduction to law from a business perspective. This subject is available as a level 1 breadth subject to students in all faculties. Topics include: The nature and purpose of law;how law develops and changes;how new law is made;how to read and understand ...

  • Crime Prevention: Critical ApproachesCRIM90010


    Crime prevention is a growth area in applied criminology, and many graduates find themselves working in this field. This subject provides a basic understanding of relevant theory and practice. Current national and international developments are summarised and analyzed, and approaches to crime pre...

  • Doing Structural Justice: ClinicCRIM90016


    In this subject, students will engage with the pressing issues facing justice and community organisations, locally and internationally. Focusing on the intersections between the global and the local, students will be introduced to frameworks regarding state crime, structural justice and instituti...

  • Organised Crime and Human TraffickingCRIM90025


    While organised crime has existed for centuries, it is only recently that the international community has begun to take it seriously as a transnational ‘soft’ (i.e. non-military) security issue. For example, the most frequently cited convention against transnational organised crime – that of the ...

  • Research and Criminal Justice GovernanceCRIM90011

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    What does it mean for a criminal justice intervention to be effective? Why is it important to know? For whom? How does government emphasis on the impact of criminal justice programs affect the design and funding of programs? And what does this focus on effectiveness mean for research priorities a...

  • Punishment and Detention: New ChallengesCRIM40005


    This subject focuses on the idea that since the 1970s there has been a rise in punitiveness and a change in the character and purposes of involuntary detention in western countries. The subject asks students to identify and understand the different domains in which punitive tendencies might be fo...

  • Crime and Public PolicyCRIM30001

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Many criminology graduates find themselves researching, developing and applying crime policy in government, political and other contexts. This subject helps prepare students for such work. As well as providing an overview of factors shaping policy in Australia and other countries, it reviews chal...

  • Criminology Thesis Part 2CRIM90029

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    Refer to CRIM90028 Criminology Thesis Part 1 for details

  • Advances in Criminological ResearchCRIM90019

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Criminology draws its frameworks for inquiry and understanding from a wide range of intellectual traditions and contemporary conceptualisations. This subject provides accounts of contemporary developments in the construction and application of theory in criminal justice and related settings. with...

  • Introduction to Sex Offender ManagementCRIM90022

    Offered:Winter TermYear:2019

    This subject is designed to provide an introduction to issues about sexual offending pathways, risk, and effective management of sexual offenders in a correctional or justice setting. The subject will comprise three modules on: Understanding sexual offenders: typologies, offence pathways and ris...

  • Punishment and Social ControlCRIM20006

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject is designed to introduce students to the major forms and structures of punishment in our society. The subject examines why we punish individuals, how we do so, and how the punishment process can be viewed in a wider social context. The first part of this subject considers the broad j...

  • Crime, Culture & the MediaCRIM90020


    Crime is an issue of great social, individual and cultural concern. This subject investigates some of the ways in which crime is represented, talked about, and interpreted in popular culture and the media. The subject focuses on two issues: first, the skills and techniques required to interpret r...

  • Post-conflict JusticeCRIM90034


    Genocide, mass harm and state crime demand a response. And yet, what can and does justice look like in the wake of state crime? What legal and non-legal processes should be put in place, at both the global and the local levels? This subject examines the rationale, operation and impact of legal, p...

  • Drugs and JusticeCRIM40003

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject introduces students to a range of historical and contemporary issues surrounding the measurement of drug use and the popular and scientific construction of the health, crime and social consequences of drug use. The subject is concerned with the relationships between various construct...

  • Criminology & Sociology Internship Pt 1CRIM90030

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject is designed to provide students with hands-on professional writing and research experience in the context of the everyday operations of a social/criminal justice or community-based agency. The internship takes place over two semesters and constitutes a structured and supervised stude...