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  • Doctor of Education ThesisEDUC80002

    Offered:Time-based ResearchYear:2019


  • Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms (EC&P)EDUC90977


    In this subject Teacher Candidates will explore research, theories, and strategies that are useful for examining diversity and inclusion in Australian school classrooms. Teacher Candidates will investigate ways in which schools reinforce and/or challenge the social norms. Furthermore, Candidates ...

  • Learning Area Physical Education 1EDUC90467


    This subject provides Teacher Candidates with the knowledge and skills required to effectively use current Health and Physical Education curricula (such as Australian Curriculum and the Victorian Curriculum) and research literature to plan and safely implement sport and health related physical ac...

  • Oral Language, Literacy & LearningEDUC90507


    This subject examines contemporary research in oral language acquisition and the links between oral language, learning, literacy and behaviour.Frameworks are provided for educators to use to describe, and monitor speaking and listening knowledge and skills. These frameworks assist educators to br...

  • Primary Mathematics Education 1EDUC90778


    This subject provides an orientation to teaching mathematics in Victorian primary schools. Teacher Candidates will develop pedagogical content knowledge for the effective teaching and learning of the following mathematics strands from Prep to Year 6: Content Strand: Number and AlgebraProficienci...

  • Assessment & Reporting in the IBEDUC90331

    Offered:Term 1, Term 3Year:2019

    This subject investigates the integral role of assessment and reporting for learning and teaching. Participants will develop theoretical and practical understanding of the principles of assessment, focussing on assessment as a tool to promote student achievement and experiential learning, and met...

  • Research ProjectEDUC90219

    Offered:Year LongYear:2019

    Completion of the research project is intended to give students an appreciation of the processes involved in research, practical skills development, and the capacity to evaluate published research in the field of interest. As advised by the supervisor, the student studies appropriate research met...

  • Researching Education PracticeEDUC90926

    Offered:Term 1, Term 3Year:2019

    In this subject, students will develop an understanding of research in education, as the first part of their capstone experience, and advanced skills to analyse complex educational problems and the bodies of knowledge associated with them. Students will undertake coursework focusing on: what cons...

  • Positive Learning EnvironmentsEDUC90976


    This subject provides participants with theory and interventions for developing positive learning environments.  It supports participants to understand the critical theoretical perspectives that underpin working effectively with behaviours of concern. This subject also supports participants to ex...

  • Learning Area Mathematics 2EDUC90458


    This subject builds on Mathematics 1 and will focus on the teaching of senior secondary mathematics in Victoria, and consider key issues in mathematics education which are relevant to the post-compulsory years. Teacher Candidates will develop pedagogical content knowledge for the effective teachi...

  • Understanding Education PolicyEDUC90951


    This subject examines education policy in an international context. Students will examine the nature and role of education policy, the intersection with other social and economic policies, and the key conceptual ideas underpinning contemporary policy. Through this subject, students will analyse t...

  • Advanced English LiteraciesEDUC90377


    This subject will lead teacher candidates to increase their understanding of the advanced forms of language and literacy that are developed in the middle years of schooling. Candidates will engage with key research that indicates a significant transition in English literacy in the final years of...

  • Learning From EvidenceEDUC90832

    Offered:Term 2, Term 3, Term 4Year:2019

    This subject will develop participants’ skills in using student achievement data to inform teaching practice to support student learning. It will consider the use of a wide range of data types and sources to evaluate learning, teaching and assessment and make recommendations for improving practic...

  • IB DP AdvancedEDUC90330

    Offered:Term 2, Term 4Year:2019

    Students will explore principles of instructional design and the role of collaborative working practice for learning and teaching in the DP. Additionally students will learn to address the expectations and requirements of specific subject areas. Teaching strategies and learning activities which ...

  • Curriculum Leadership and ManagementEDUC90140


    The subject focuses on the leadership and management issues focused on improving teaching and learning in schools. It provides a definition of curriculum leadership, explores contemporary ideas of teaching and learning, explores the key leadership role of capacity building, and considers the cont...

  • Exceptionality:Assessment & InterventionEDUC90223

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject provides relevant information to enable educational psychologists to work with children and adolescents with exceptional needs in regard to identification of exceptionality and appropriate assistance. This includes current policies and practices in regard to assessment, interventions...

  • IB MYP AdvancedEDUC90969

    Offered:Term 2, Term 4Year:2019

    This subject will explore the Middle Years Programme (MYP) standards and practices guidelines. The principles of instructional design and the role of collaborative working practice for learning and teaching will be explored in order to address the expectations and requirements of specific subject...

  • Listening and the Learning EnvironmentEDUC90505


    This subject introduces the topic of brain function, the way language is processed in the brain, and the impact of sensory and/or language impairment on development. It will consider models of information processing and speech perception and the impact of deafness on how we hear and process sound...

  • Effective University TeachingEDUC90002

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject introduces students to the fundamental principles of effective teaching for learning in higher education. In a series of seminar/workshops it will provide an introduction to theories of teaching and learning and guidance on effective procedures for large and small group teaching, ass...

  • Mathematics: Improving LearningEDUC90948


    This subject is concerned with improving the learning outcomes for students in primary and secondary schools in selected mathematical topics. Diagnostic assessments and common student misconceptions will be discussed. Pedagogical content knowledge and teaching strategies will be considered, drawi...