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  • Innovative Spaces and PedagogyEDUC90728


    An exciting collaboration between Architecture and Arts Education, this subject examines how we should design, inhabit and maximise the use of student-centred learning spaces in schools and other educational institutions. Schools are increasingly adopting ‘innovative’ designs that are deemed to b...

  • Content and Language Integrated PedagogyEDUC90481


    This subject focuses on content language integrated pedagogy, in particular issues in the methodology of teaching in a second or foreign language, including such areas as setting goals and objectives; models of Content Language Integrated Learning programs; outcomes (including attainment in the d...

  • Applied Research MethodologyEDUC90848

    Offered:Term 1, Term 3Year:2019

    This subject is designed to provide students with an overview of the methodologies for conducting research in evaluation. In particular, the subject provides students with an introduction to the philosophical backgrounds and influences on social research, epistemological and ontological considera...

  • Using Data To Build Learning PathwaysEDUC90756


    In this subject, participants will develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the principles of assessment and reporting for students with additional needs. The emphasis will be on data collection, its purpose, and strengths and weaknesses of various approaches that are consistent with ...

  • Capstone Research ProjectEDUC90073


    An individually negotiated research project that comprises the Capstone experience for this course. Drawing on theory, knowledge and skills developed throughout the Master of English in a Global Context, students will undertake a substantial critical review of a particular body of literature. The...

  • Becoming a Clinical Practitioner (EC)EDUC90891

    Offered:February, AugustYear:2019

    This subject builds on the work of EDUC90898 Introduction to Clinical Practice (EC) to further develop the investigation into clinical teaching practices and strategies that support participation and learning of all children/students. It will examine how to collect evidence of the learner’s curre...

  • Contemporary Education DebatesEDUC90903


    This subject will introduce students to key contemporary education debates that relate to secondary school policy. Through this subject students will analyse current education reform, and the debates that surround them, through careful examination of the relevant research literature. Students wil...

  • Learning Area Humanities 1EDUC90445


    This subject introduces Teacher Candidates to methods of teaching humanities in the compulsory years of secondary schooling, as defined by the Victorian Curriculum, including: history, geography, civics and citizenship, and business and economics. By exploring the research and principles of learn...

  • Second Language Acquisition and TeachingEDUC90631

    Offered:March, AugustYear:2019

    A study of how second languages are learned and used in bilingual and multilingual settings, together with an introduction to the implications of this for language teaching methodology and lesson-planning.

  • Mathematics Across the CurriculumEDUC90946


    This subject will focus on educational research and practical issues related to the teaching and learning of mathematics through other school subjects in primary and secondary classrooms. In the current world we live in, to be numerate is no longer just about the ability to apply algorithms and p...

  • Learning Area Mathematics 1EDUC90457


    This subject provides an orientation to teaching Years 7-10 mathematics in Victorian schools. Teacher Candidates will develop pedagogical content knowledge for the effective teaching and learning of the following mathematics strands in the Victorian curriculum: Number and Algebra; Measurement and...

  • Leading Educational IdeasEDUC90619


    Leading ideas in contemporary education are introduced and critically examined. Concepts explored include intentional teaching, 21st century learning, transnational education, powerful knowledge, power and knowledge, educational privilege and equity and social identity. These concepts are set wit...

  • Numeracy in Early ChildhoodEDUC90899


    High quality early childhood education curricula recognize the important role played by the home numeracy environment and provide opportunities for young children to engage with mathematical concepts and to acquire mathematical language. Addressing children’s numeracy skills from infancy into the...

  • Professional Practice and Seminar (EY)EDUC90399

    Offered:March, JulyYear:2019

    The professional practice and seminar program provides an integrated focus for all subjects across the semester and addresses teacher candidates’ developing understandings of professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement in early years classrooms. The school placement ...

  • Professional Practice & Seminar Prim 4EDUC90771

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject develops Teacher Candidates’ reflective dialogue through use of evidence-based practice in a generalist primary classroom. The placement is focused on interventionist primary classroom teaching and evidence-informed practice. In collaboration with mentor teachers and Clinical Special...

  • Professional Practice & Seminar Sec 2EDUC90408

    Offered:Semester 1, February, Semester 2, NovemberYear:2019

    This subject focuses on the Teacher Candidates’ awareness of the characteristics of knowledge, practice and engagement for professional accountability in teaching. The school placement focuses on consolidating key learnings from within each of the CORE and Learning Area subjects with a focus on a...

  • Globalisation and Education PolicyEDUC90950


    This subject examines the processes of contemporary globalisation and the impact on policy directions at the national level. This includes the selection, development and monitoring of education policies. Through this subject, students will critically examine some of the key debates concerning not...

  • Science, Technology (Digital and Design)EDUC90376


    This subject will develop and consolidate teacher candidates’ understanding of major science concepts through an examination of children’s everyday experiences. This development in science conceptual understandings will occur through the dynamic exploration of phenomena such as weather, motion an...

  • Capstone Professional ProjectEDUC90989

    Offered:Semester 1, JulyYear:2019

    This subject involves students undertaking a substantial project requiring an independent investigation of a topic that they regard as directly related to their own professional practice and/or within their area of specialisation. Students will draw on theory, knowledge and skills developed throu...

  • Learning Area Biology 1EDUC90429


    This subject explores the rationale, resources, methodology and specific techniques (Pedagogy) appropriate to teaching, learning and assessing Biology, drawing from the current VCAA Biology Study Design (particularly Units 1 and 3) and the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA). T...