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  • Education, Knowledge and PowerEDUC90638


    The aim of this subject is an improved understanding of educational practice and theory, leading to deeper comprehension and innovative practice. Through an examination of their practice students will develop sophisticated conceptions of how teaching and learning support knowing and understanding...

  • Learning Area English 2EDUC90438


    English 2 is offered to Teacher Candidates wishing to specialise in English teaching from Years 7 to 12. This builds on Learning Area English 1 focus on further developing Teacher Candidates’ subject and pedagogical content knowledge to create productive learning environments that empower learne...

  • Learning Area Music B 2EDUC90466


    This subject will continue the focus on co-curricular music in international, Australian and Victorian educational contexts and the integration with classroom programs. Teacher Candidates will focus on vocal and instrumental pedagogies and assessment at the upper secondary to Year 12 exit level w...

  • Ed Psych Practicum 1EDUC90229

    Offered:Year LongYear:2019

    In this placement the supervisor, in conjunction with the Practicum Placement Co-ordinator, offers a designed set of training experiences which are undertaken with the supervisor. The experiences are determined by the opportunities that arise naturally in the field. The involvement of the student...

  • Mathematics: Teaching with TechnologyEDUC90615


    This subject will address how the teaching of mathematics in upper primary and secondary schools can be enhanced through the use of technologies that offer pedagogical opportunities. The impact on curriculum, teaching and assessment of mathematics will be considered. Participants will explore ped...

  • Learning Area Humanities 2EDUC90446


    This subject deepens the knowledge of the concepts introduced in Humanities 1. The major focus of this subject is to develop further in Teacher Candidates an advanced understanding of the nature and purposes of humanities education in years 7 to 12. Teacher Candidates will continue to explore the...

  • Teaching for Student EngagementEDUC90612


    This subject investigates the nature of student engagement in order to support the creative work of teachers in bringing students and curriculum together in meaningful encounter. Special emphasis is placed on comprehending and building teacher’s knowledge of those they teach: who these people are...

  • Reading Texts: Selection to ResponseEDUC90683


    This subject will explore theoretical perspectives on reading and what is required to be an effective reader in the 21st Century. The subject will highlight how teachers support students’ acquisition of reading skills, strategies and understandings through drawing on clinical approaches that addr...

  • Learning Area Health 2EDUC90442


    This subject extends teacher candidates’ thinking about what is best practice in health education. Teacher candidates will continue to formulate a personal teaching/learning philosophy as they think critically about the relationship between various models of health and theories of human developme...

  • Supervised Observation (Second Language)EDUC90096

    Offered:March, Year Long, Semester 2Year:2019

    Students undertake placements totalling 22 days of supervised observation and program involvement in the settings relevant to their current or intended language teaching work. Students will be enrolled in this subject of they do not meet the language requirement for EDUC90050 Supervised Teaching...

  • Designing a CurriculumEDUC90516

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    This subject deals with the principles of curriculum design and the translation of these principles into a program of study in a specific context. It covers the formulation of objectives and outcomes, content selection, teaching activities and the design of assessment tasks. One module deals with...

  • Education Research MethodologyEDUC90419

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    In this subject, students will develop an understanding of how to appraise, plan, implement and disseminate research in education. Students will participate in a series of lectures and seminars, focusing on: what constitutes research in education; the function of a literature review; methodologie...

  • Foundations of EvaluationEDUC90850

    Offered:Term 2, Term 4Year:2019

    This subject provides students with an introduction to evaluation fundamentals, including: the nature and purposes of evaluation, the logic of evaluation, types of evaluations, values, and professional standards.

  • Learning Area Politics 1EDUC90965


    This subject develops Teacher Candidates’ understanding of the place of Humanities education with a focus on Politics in the Australian secondary curriculum and the various factors that impact upon its implementation in school contexts. Curriculum frameworks such as the Victorian Certificate of E...

  • Leading AssessmentEDUC90754


    This subject is designed around the key assumption that assessment practice and policy is a central component in successful school leadership and instructional decision making. Participants will explore assessment and reporting frameworks that focus on improved pedagogy. Recent developments in as...

  • Primary Mathematics Education3 ExtensionEDUC90835


    This subject will develop Teacher Candidates’ pedagogical content knowledge for the effective teaching and learning of the following mathematics content and proficiency strands from Foundation to Level 6: Content Strand: Statistics and ProbabilityProficiencies: Understanding, Fluency, Problem So...

  • Principles of Positive PsychologyEDUC90787


    The Principles of Positive Psychology subject will explore the impetus behind the development of positive psychology as well as the theories and frameworks underpinning it. Problem-focused and strengths-based approaches to mental health will be distinguished and the merits and limits of each pres...

  • Becoming a Clinical Practitioner (Prim)EDUC90880


    This subject builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in EDUC90885 Introduction to Clinical Practice and EDUC90880 Integrating Clinical Practice to support Teacher Candidates to become clinical practitioners. In so doing, Teacher Candidates will demonstrate their use of the Clinical Teachin...

  • Learning Area A2EDUC90843


    This subject builds on EDUC90596 Learning Area A1 and EDUC90597 Learning Area B1 by further developing participants’ capacity to extend their repertoire of general subject specific practices and teaching resources and deepen their understanding of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment of their spec...

  • Inquiry Learning in the HumanitiesEDUC90883


    This subject builds on the skills and knowledge developed in EDUC90373 Primary Humanities Education. This subject aims to explore how the Humanities curriculum can be designed to help students understand the world around them. Emphasis will be placed on effective teaching and learning practices i...