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  • Science in the Integrated CurriculumEDUC90794

    Offered:JulyYear:2019Quotas apply

    The subject will build on Master of Teaching students' knowledge of integrating subjects from different areas. The experience provided will focus on supporting the effective integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) with a focus on clinical responsive interventionist teachi...

  • Leading Learning and TeachingEDUC90753


    This subject will critically examine the research evidence linking quality teaching with student outcomes within the context of contemporary educational theory, policy and practice. Of central interest will be the role of leadership, and in particular approaches to instructional leadership, in pr...

  • Learning Area Economics 1EDUC90959


    This subject develops Teacher Candidates’ understanding of the place of Economics education in the Australian secondary curriculum and the various factors that impact upon its implementation in school contexts. Curriculum frameworks such as the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), the Victor...

  • Clinical Teaching Practice (EC) 1EDUC90892

    Offered:March, Year Long, AugustYear:2019

    This subject provides opportunities for Teacher Candidates to demonstrate the nexus between the theory and practice of teaching when teaching children aged from birth to 35 months, drawing on a range of theoretical perspectives and contemporary research to support their teaching practice. This su...

  • Introduction to Clinical Practice (EC)EDUC90898


    This subject will provide the general conceptual framework for understanding teaching and learning in early childhood. It will examine how learning can be enhanced from a range of evidence-based theoretical perspectives. Candidates will develop a range of strategies for reporting to children/stud...

  • Leading Educational ResearchEDUC90786


    This is the first of two subjects that Master of Instructional Leadership students complete as part of their (AQF) Capstone experience. The subject will provide an introduction to approaches to conducting evidence-based research in educational settings. This will include: guiding students through...

  • Impact EvaluationEDUC90849

    Offered:Term 1Year:2019

    This subject analyses design options for establishing the impact of social interventions. Topics include: causation; dealing with issues of attribution; conceptual and technical considerations associated with experimental and quasi-experimental design; and alternative strategies for causal analysis.

  • Place Based Elective (International)EDUC90922

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

      This subject is designed for Master of Teaching students interested in gaining experience in an international setting. Students will complete an internship where they will choose to participate in either (a) a two-week staff-coordinated program at one of a suite of three schools, or (b) an ind...

  • Practice of EvaluationEDUC90847

    Offered:Term 2, Term 4Year:2019

    This subject focuses on connecting theory to evaluation practice. Topics include: evaluation-specific tools and methods; planning, conducting and managing evaluations; stakeholder engagement strategies; and evaluation reporting.

  • Educational Leadership (EC & Prim)EDUC90896


    This subject explores the role of the Educational Leader in early childhood and primary settings and the impact of effective leadership on outcomes for learners. Participants will investigate their own leadership vision and style, and develop an understanding of change management theory, professi...

  • Researching Education Practice (Primary)EDUC90833


    In this subject, Teacher Candidates will develop an understanding of research in education, as the first part of their capstone experience in the Master of Teaching (Primary). Candidates will participate in a series of lectures, focusing on: what constitutes research in education; the function of...

  • Communities of Arts PracticesEDUC90936


    Communities of arts practices feature in arts based research internationally. These communities are multi, inter and cross disciplinary, existing in multiple spaces and places and offer openings to new thinking, ideas and collective learning. This subject provides a connection with the discourse ...

  • Language, Literacy and NumeracyEDUC90823


    This subject builds participants’ capacity to develop pedagogical knowledge and skills in order to improve language, literacy and numeracy (L,L&N) outcomes for all students. Evidence is presented to demonstrate the importance of L,L&N skills for success at school, future learning and for ...

  • Writing a Literature ReviewEDUC90867


    This subject teaches doctoral students how to identify, analyse and synthesise published research findings that are of a high quality and relevant to their own research. Building upon this, it teaches students how to locate their own proposed research projects and questions within the broader res...

  • Learning Area Legal Studies 1EDUC90961


    This subject develops Teacher Candidates’ understanding of the place of Legal Studies education in the Australian secondary curriculum and the various factors that impact upon its implementation in school contexts. Curriculum frameworks such as the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), the Vi...

  • Introduction to Clinical Practice (Sec)EDUC90904


    This subject will provide foundational conceptual frameworks for understanding learning and teaching necessary to Teacher Candidates’ development as Clinical Practitioners. It will examine how learning can be understood and enhanced from a range of evidence-based, theoretical perspectives. Candid...

  • Foundations of the Science of LearningEDUC90872

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject will explore the philosophical, theoretical, and practical foundations of the emerging field of The Science of Learning (with a particular focus on Educational Neuroscience). The focus of this subject will be how an understanding of the mechanisms of learning can meaningfully inform ...

  • Evidence for Learning and TeachingEDUC90755


    The major focus of this course is how school leaders know that teachers and students are learning in positive ways throughout their school. Students will explore the current evidence base about what works best, what criteria can be developed to make decisions about success, how to develop a progr...

  • Educational Foundations (Prim)EDUC90882


    This subject enables the Master of Teaching cohort examine historical, cultural, sociological and philosophical constructions of childhood, youth, families and the educative process. By exploring these themes, students have the opportunity to develop a sense of how the role of the family, constru...

  • Physical Education PedagogyEDUC90711

    Offered:JulyYear:2019Quotas apply

    This subject introduces Master of Teaching students to planning, teaching and assessment in the current physical education curriculum from Foundation to 10. As a result of taking this elective students will have foundational skills and knowledge across planning, teaching and assessment, and be a...