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  • Learning Area Humanities 1EDUC90445


    This subject introduces Teacher Candidates to methods of teaching humanities in the compulsory years of secondary schooling, as defined by the Victorian Curriculum, including: history, geography, civics and citizenship, and business and economics. By exploring the research and principles of learn...

  • Leading Educational IdeasEDUC90619


    Leading ideas in contemporary education are introduced and critically examined. Concepts explored include intentional teaching, 21st century learning, transnational education, powerful knowledge, power and knowledge, educational privilege and equity and social identity. These concepts are set wit...

  • Arts and Artistry: Studio to ClassroomEDUC90493

    Offered:JulyYear:2019Quotas apply

    This practice-based subject will enable students to extend their practical and theoretical understanding of the arts in primary education. Students will be supported in the development of their arts skills, teaching and artistry, in preparation for the range of contemporary arts practices (from t...

  • Foundational English LiteracyEDUC90367


    This subject will introduce Teacher Candidates to research and practice that informs the development of literacy in the early years of schooling, the scope and sequence of language and literacy learning in the early years and the diverse nature of children’s language and literacy experiences in t...

  • Science, Technology (Digital and Design)EDUC90376


    This subject will develop and consolidate teacher candidates’ understanding of major science concepts through an examination of children’s everyday experiences. This development in science conceptual understandings will occur through the dynamic exploration of phenomena such as weather, motion an...

  • Learning Intervention 2EDUC90846


    This subject comprises the second part of the compulsory [AQF] Capstone experience for the Master of Learning Intervention (MLI) course encompassing the three separate specialties of Hearing Impairment (HI) Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Disability (D) The subject will deepen students’...

  • Relationship Skills for Educators 2EDUC90630


    This subject engages students in a critical reflection on the promotion of student wellbeing in educational settings and the role of teachers and school staff in that process. The focus is on the application of advanced communication skills as part of a psycho-educational model of helping with a ...

  • Psychological TestsEDUC90225


    Psychological tests and testing in educational settings are considered from functional and contextual viewpoints, with emphasis on usage of test results. Test construction and psychometric issues, links between theory and measure, reporting and ethics, are covered through examining specific tests...

  • Learning Area Biology 1EDUC90429


    This subject explores the rationale, resources, methodology and specific techniques (Pedagogy) appropriate to teaching, learning and assessing Biology, drawing from the current VCAA Biology Study Design (particularly Units 1 and 3) and the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA). T...

  • Learning Area Visual Arts & Design (Ad)2EDUC90480


    This subject requires Teacher Candidates to develop sophisticated concepts of curriculum by synthesising their broad (and developing) understanding of Visual Arts and Design curriculum and pedagogical strategies including the Victorian Curriculum F-10 and VCE. Visual arts Teacher Candidates will ...

  • Content and Language Integrated PedagogyEDUC90481


    This subject focuses on content language integrated pedagogy, in particular issues in the methodology of teaching in a second or foreign language, including such areas as setting goals and objectives; models of Content Language Integrated Learning programs; outcomes (including attainment in the d...

  • Becoming a Clinical Practitioner (EC)EDUC90891

    Offered:February, AugustYear:2019

    This subject builds on the work of EDUC90898 Introduction to Clinical Practice (EC) to further develop the investigation into clinical teaching practices and strategies that support participation and learning of all children/students. It will examine how to collect evidence of the learner’s curre...

  • Contemporary Education DebatesEDUC90903


    This subject will introduce students to key contemporary education debates that relate to secondary school policy. Through this subject students will analyse current education reform, and the debates that surround them, through careful examination of the relevant research literature. Students wil...

  • Learning Area Mathematics 1EDUC90457


    This subject provides an orientation to teaching Years 7-10 mathematics in Victorian schools. Teacher Candidates will develop pedagogical content knowledge for the effective teaching and learning of the following mathematics strands in the Victorian curriculum: Number and Algebra; Measurement and...

  • Numeracy in Early ChildhoodEDUC90899


    High quality early childhood education curricula recognize the important role played by the home numeracy environment and provide opportunities for young children to engage with mathematical concepts and to acquire mathematical language. Addressing children’s numeracy skills from infancy into the...

  • Language & Literacy InterventionEDUC90508


    This subject addresses a range of strategies for assessing, supporting and promoting communication, language, and literacy development in students with a hearing loss. Contemporary educational and teaching practices will also be analysed and evaluated in light of current research. It will also ex...

  • Promoting Student WellbeingEDUC90428

    Offered:June, JulyYear:2019

    The subject will provide Master of Teaching students an opportunity to practice, and reflect on, a range of interpersonal and professional skills relevant to their role in promoting student wellbeing and creating supportive and safe learning environments at a classroom and whole school level. Cu...

  • Second Language Acquisition and TeachingEDUC90631

    Offered:March, AugustYear:2019

    A study of how second languages are learned and used in bilingual and multilingual settings, together with an introduction to the implications of this for language teaching methodology and lesson-planning.

  • Historical ThinkingEDUC90740


    This subject develops students’ critical understanding of approaches to teaching historical thinking. It explores abilities that underpin historical inquiry: establishing historical significance; using sources as evidence; identifying continuity and change; analysing cause and consequence; explor...

  • Literacy for the Primary YearsEDUC90875


    This subject introduces Teacher Candidates to research and practice that inform current approaches to language and literacy education in the primary school, positioning this within the discipline of subject English. The subject embraces the scope and sequence of teaching and learning in the prima...