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  • Leadership in Educational SettingsEDUC90504

    Offered:Summer Term, June, JulyYear:2019

    Many teachers have opportunities to take on leadership roles in their first years of teaching . This elective provides a foundation and understanding to take on leadership roles, at all levels in schools and early childhood education and care settings. The subject draws on instructional leadersh...

  • Language & Literacy DevelopmentEDUC90506


    This subject addresses contemporary theories and research into the processes involved in the acquisition of language, communication and literacy development in typically developing children throughout the early childhood and primary school years; the effects of language delay and disorder or hear...

  • Learning Area Media Studies 2EDUC90462


    This subject focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of media education in secondary school communities, incorporating the VCE, The Victorian Curriculm F-10 and ACARA. Teacher Candidates will further their understanding of media as an arts discipline and as a pedagogy through practic...

  • Learning Area Psychology 1EDUC90471


    This subject explores the rationale, resources, methodology and specific techniques (Pedagogy) appropriate to teaching, learning and assessing Psychology, drawing from the current VCAA Psychology Study Design and the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA). It highlights curriculum...

  • Learning Area Chemistry 2EDUC90434


    Chemistry 2 is offered to Teacher Candidate wishing to specialise in Chemistry teaching from Years 7-12. This subject builds on Learning Area Chemistry 1 and focuses on further developing Teacher Candidates’ subject and pedagogical content knowledge to create productive learning environments that...

  • Ed Psych Practicum 4EDUC90216

    Offered:Year LongYear:2019

    This placement represents the final set of training experiences for the student. In conjunction with the Field Supervisor and the Practicum Placement Co-ordinator, a range of experiences are designed. These include: independent assessment and reporting services; attendance at professional meeting...

  • Assessment for TeachingEDUC90370


    In this subject teacher candidates will link assessment to teaching and classroom learning. Links between assessment and the primary school curriculum are examined and connected to evidence-based decision making and developmental frameworks. Candidates will develop an understanding of both object...

  • Principles of Positive PsychologyEDUC90787


    The Principles of Positive Psychology subject will explore the impetus behind the development of positive psychology as well as the theories and frameworks underpinning it. Problem-focused and strengths-based approaches to mental health will be distinguished and the merits and limits of each pres...

  • Evidence for Learning and TeachingEDUC90755


    The major focus of this course is how school leaders know that teachers and students are learning in positive ways throughout their school. Students will explore the current evidence base about what works best, what criteria can be developed to make decisions about success, how to develop a progr...

  • Clinical Teaching Practice (Prim) 1EDUC90877

    Offered:Semester 1, AugustYear:2019

    This subject provides opportunities for Teacher Candidates to begin to demonstrate the nexus between theory and the practice of teaching, drawing on a range of theoretical perspectives and contemporary research to support their teaching practice. During clinical teaching practice, experienced Men...

  • Primary Mathematics Education3 ExtensionEDUC90835


    This subject will develop Teacher Candidates’ pedagogical content knowledge for the effective teaching and learning of the following mathematics content and proficiency strands from Foundation to Level 6: Content Strand: Statistics and ProbabilityProficiencies: Understanding, Fluency, Problem So...

  • Foundations of EvaluationEDUC90850

    Offered:Term 2, Term 4Year:2019

    This subject provides students with an introduction to evaluation fundamentals, including: the nature and purposes of evaluation, the logic of evaluation, types of evaluations, values, and professional standards.

  • Language, Literacy and NumeracyEDUC90823


    This subject builds participants’ capacity to develop pedagogical knowledge and skills in order to improve language, literacy and numeracy (L,L&N) outcomes for all students. Evidence is presented to demonstrate the importance of L,L&N skills for success at school, future learning and for ...

  • Researching Education Practice (Primary)EDUC90833


    In this subject, Teacher Candidates will develop an understanding of research in education, as the first part of their capstone experience in the Master of Teaching (Primary). Candidates will participate in a series of lectures, focusing on: what constitutes research in education; the function of...

  • Writing a Literature ReviewEDUC90867


    This subject teaches doctoral students how to identify, analyse and synthesise published research findings that are of a high quality and relevant to their own research. Building upon this, it teaches students how to locate their own proposed research projects and questions within the broader res...

  • Practice of EvaluationEDUC90847

    Offered:Term 2, Term 4Year:2019

    This subject focuses on connecting theory to evaluation practice. Topics include: evaluation-specific tools and methods; planning, conducting and managing evaluations; stakeholder engagement strategies; and evaluation reporting.

  • Inquiry Learning in the HumanitiesEDUC90883


    This subject builds on the skills and knowledge developed in EDUC90373 Primary Humanities Education. This subject aims to explore how the Humanities curriculum can be designed to help students understand the world around them. Emphasis will be placed on effective teaching and learning practices i...

  • Educational Foundations (Prim)EDUC90882


    This subject enables the Master of Teaching cohort examine historical, cultural, sociological and philosophical constructions of childhood, youth, families and the educative process. By exploring these themes, students have the opportunity to develop a sense of how the role of the family, constru...

  • Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms (Prim)EDUC90881


    In this subject Teacher Candidates will explore research, theories, and strategies that are useful for examining diversity and inclusion in Australian school classrooms. Teacher Candidates will investigate ways in which schools reinforce and/or challenge the social norms. Furthermore, Candidates ...

  • Leading Literacy in Primary SchoolsEDUC90886


    This subject builds the capacity of Teacher Candidates, studying to become Language and Literacy Specialists, to develop and sustain improvement in student language and literacy outcomes. The subject design allows Teacher Candidates to develop deep and critical knowledge of: • Curriculum policy ...