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  • Applied Research StudyEDUC90945

    Offered:February, JulyYear:2019

    Students negotiate an individual project relating to education with an individual supervisor. The project includes a critical review of relevant academic and research literature and a research project relating to educational practice. Students also participate in regular online activities to supp...

  • Debates in EvaluationEDUC90715

    Offered:Term 4Year:2019

    This subject examines the origins and evolution of evaluation theories, models and approaches. Topics covered include: the nature and role of evaluation theory; pioneering figures and major debates in evaluation’s short but rich history; approaches to classifying evaluation theories; and, the rel...

  • Curriculum Frameworks in the IB MYPEDUC90968

    Offered:Term 2, Term 4Year:2019

    This subject investigates the purpose and structure of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum framework. Key issues explored will include challenges for learning and teaching in relation to: individual, community, social, global consciousness; language and inclusion; disciplinarity, interdis...

  • Doctor of Education Thesis ProposalEDUC90869

    Offered:Semester 1, JulyYear:2019

    The student will prepare under supervision a comprehensive thesis proposal, providing a clear indication of the nature and purpose of the research to be undertaken in the Doctor of Education (DEd) thesis. The proposal should contain: A clear statement of the purpose of the research and the resea...

  • AUSLAN and Visual CommunicationEDUC20076

    Offered:JulyYear:2019Quotas apply

    In this subject, students will explore visual communication and be introduced to Auslan, the language of the Australian signing Deaf community. In doing this, students will delve into the linguistic and cultural aspects of Auslan and develop skills in communicating using this visual language. Th...

  • Wellbeing, Motivation and PerformanceEDUC10057

    Offered:Summer Term, Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject explores the science of the factors that enable individuals to operate at the peak of their potential; including how to participate in more engaging activities, how to live healthier, be more resilient, have more satisfying relationships and lead more productive and fulfilling lives....

  • Youth Arts: Expressing Cultural IdentityEDUC20062

    Offered:JulyYear:2019Quotas apply

    This subject will explore how young people create their social and personal identities through the arts (including visual and performing arts), and use these processes to relate to peers and society. This subject is taught in intensive mode with a combination of tutorials and cultural site visits...

  • Youth Leading ChangeEDUC20075


    This subject explores young people as change-makers and problem-solvers against a backdrop of social transformation in Australia and globally. It provides students with thinking tools for addressing local and global problems in everyday life and skills for leadership. The subject focuses particul...

  • Professional Practice and Seminar Prim 3EDUC90489

    Offered:March, Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject synthesises Teacher Candidates’ understanding of the characteristics of professional knowledge, practice and engagement for professional accountability in the primary school context. The placement is focused on generalist primary classroom teaching across all curriculum areas and Can...

  • Doctor of Education ThesisEDUC80002

    Offered:Time-based ResearchYear:2019


  • Understanding SchoolsEDUC90751


    The structure, organisation and culture of schools are critically explored through the conceptual tool of framing. Several frames are used to understand the typical forms schools take, and how people are organized in these forms. Re-framing, organizational behaviour, and successful school leaders...

  • Learning Area Drama 2EDUC90436


    This subject focuses on the design, implementation and reflection on drama education in secondary school contexts. Teacher Candidates will further their understanding of drama as an arts discipline and as a pedagogy through practical application and reflective practice. The subject will examine a...

  • Science and Technology in PracticeEDUC90860


    This subject will develop and consolidate Teacher Candidates’ understanding of major science concepts through an examination of children’s everyday experiences. This development in science conceptual understandings will occur through the dynamic exploration of phenomena such as weather, motion an...

  • Local Literacies in Global ContextsEDUC90930


    This subject will introduce students to the ways in which literacy supports and empowers learning and social change in global contexts, and will explore the impact of literacy practices on learning in real world and virtual communities. Students will be introduced to key theories and approaches t...

  • Learning Area Visual Arts & Design 1EDUC90477


    This subject develops Teacher Candidates’ understanding of the place of Visual Arts and Design in contemporary schools in Australia. By considering the principles of learning and teaching that underpin effective classrooms and the research that supports these principles, this subject will widen t...

  • Professional Practice & Seminar Sec 4aEDUC90414

    Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject focuses on Teacher Candidates’ awareness of the characteristics of knowledge, practice and professional engagement for professional accountability in teaching. Teacher Candidates are required to demonstrate their capacity to independently plan and implement sustained sequences of les...

  • Learning Area Science 1EDUC90473


    This subject explores the rationale, resources, methodology and specific pedagogical approaches appropriate to teaching and assessing Year 7-10 Science. Teacher candidates will use, develop and critically evaluate resources for teaching secondary science within the contexts of the physical, chemi...

  • Interpersonal and Group ProcessesEDUC90579


    A study of theory and skills relevant to managing complex and challenging interactions in educational settings; research on effective conflict management models and skills and applications to formal and informal negotiation and problem solving; a study of group dynamics and group processes applic...

  • Leading a Learning CommunityEDUC90139


    This subject examines the leadership necessary for developing a learning community. Concepts such as learning organisation, learning community, professional learning community and communities of practice will be defined and explored. Students will be expected to understand, apply and critically e...

  • Research ProjectEDUC90219

    Offered:Year LongYear:2019

    Completion of the research project is intended to give students an appreciation of the processes involved in research, practical skills development, and the capacity to evaluate published research in the field of interest. As advised by the supervisor, the student studies appropriate research met...