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  • Assessment & Reporting in the IBEDUC90331

    Offered:Term 1, Term 3Year:2019

    This subject investigates the integral role of assessment and reporting for learning and teaching. Participants will develop theoretical and practical understanding of the principles of assessment, focussing on assessment as a tool to promote student achievement and experiential learning, and met...

  • Oral Language, Literacy & LearningEDUC90507


    This subject examines contemporary research in oral language acquisition and the links between oral language, learning, literacy and behaviour.Frameworks are provided for educators to use to describe, and monitor speaking and listening knowledge and skills. These frameworks assist educators to br...

  • Literacy Practices and Diverse LearnersEDUC90685


    This subject focuses on the importance of planning effective literacy approaches and strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners. It will highlight how teachers cater for diversity through drawing on clinical approaches to meeting the literacy learning needs of diverse learners. Informing th...

  • Listening and the Learning EnvironmentEDUC90505


    This subject introduces the topic of brain function, the way language is processed in the brain, and the impact of sensory and/or language impairment on development. It will consider models of information processing and speech perception and the impact of deafness on how we hear and process sound...

  • Capstone in Positive PsychologyEDUC90790


    The capstone project draws on theory, knowledge, and skills gained throughout the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program. In this subject, students will design an intervention or study, grounded on the science of positive psychology, within a context of their choice. Students will be expec...

  • Doctor of Education Thesis ProposalEDUC90869

    Offered:Semester 1, JulyYear:2019

    The student will prepare under supervision a comprehensive thesis proposal, providing a clear indication of the nature and purpose of the research to be undertaken in the Doctor of Education (DEd) thesis. The proposal should contain: A clear statement of the purpose of the research and the resea...

  • Minor Thesis - EducationEDUC90355

    Offered:Time-based ResearchYear:2019

    Information not available

  • Teaching Integrated ScienceEDUC90914


    This subject will provide the foundational knowledge that Master of Teaching students need to successfully teach, design and evaluate integrated science units by focusing on research and best practice in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The subject will investiga...

  • Educational Foundations (Sec)EDUC90901


    This subject enables the Master of Teaching cohort examine historical, cultural, sociological and philosophical constructions of childhood, youth, families and the educative process. By exploring these themes, Teacher Candidates have the opportunity to develop a sense of how the role of the famil...

  • Interdisciplinary Science EducationEDUC90953


    This subject develops understandings of the intentions and principles of curriculum and investigates specifics of curriculum design and implementation to improve and refine effective integration of curriculum. The focus of this subject will centre on the science curriculum, approaches to support ...

  • Primary Arts Education 2EDUC90888


    This subject will develop Teacher Candidates’ practical understanding of how the Arts can be applied in the primary classroom. Teacher Candidates will link studio practice to relevant theory and school experience to formulate a rationale for their emerging arts pedagogy. Studio time will involve ...

  • Education Research Project (Prim)EDUC90769


    In this subject Teacher Candidates will plan and execute a substantial research-based project as the second part of their capstone experience in the Master of Teaching (Primary). The research project provides an opportunity for sustained and systematic study of an issue in education practice or p...

  • Primary Arts Education 1EDUC90887


    This subject introduces Teacher Candidates to the field of arts education, with a focus on drama, music and the visual arts in primary education, and the role of digital and design technologies within the arts. Teacher Candidates will engage in theoretical and practical studies to become familiar...

  • Facilitating Online LearningEDUC90970


    This subject provides an introduction to the guiding principles of effective teaching for learning in blended and online environments. It begins by reviewing the general principles of designing for learning, and then moves to the online context to consider what it means to become an online teache...

  • Clinical SimulationEDUC90805


    Clinical simulation involves a range of immersive techniques that replace or amplify real clinical experiences with interactive, guided ones to achieve enhanced educational outcomes with safety for both patient and learner. This subject examines the educational underpinnings of effective clinical...

  • Connecting and Engaging StudentsEDUC90822


    This subject provides participants with an introduction to student wellbeing and engagement. It supports participants to understand the critical theoretical perspectives and the relevant state and school based legislative and policy contexts, including provision for students with disabilities. T...

  • Advanced MethodologyEDUC90868

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    This subject aims to build the methodological literacy of doctoral students to a level that is adequate to the doctoral level of study. It addresses both more general methodological questions and concerns in the field of educational research as well as addressing specific issues connected with th...

  • Using Data to Improve LearningEDUC90939


    This subject examines the interpretation and use of assessment data in a range of settings from Early Childhood to Tertiary. Various approaches to the interpretation of assessment data are examined, including criterion and standards referenced methods, with an emphasis on the reliability of data ...

  • Learning Area Business Management 1EDUC90957


    This subject develops Teacher Candidates’ understanding of the place of Business Management education in the Australian secondary curriculum and the various factors that impact upon its implementation in school contexts. Curriculum frameworks such as the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), ...

  • Leading the Educational OrganisationEDUC90941


    This subject explores educational leadership, with a special focus on leadership for school and systemic transformation. The subject explores the notion of leadership for transformation. Transformation is considered to be significant, systematic and sustained change that results in high levels of...