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Environmental Systems (ABPL90086) // Assessment

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Additional details

  • Professional report equivalent to 3,000 words (60%) simulating an ESD report for a new building proposal, providing a technical understanding of the green building design process, including implementation issues, through individual and group work. The report will be submitted in the following stages:

- Passive systems (15%) due in Week 4
- Active systems (15%) due in Week 8
- Final ESD report outlining overall environmental system recommendations for the building analysed (30%) due in Week 11

  • Class presentation of 10 minutes (10%) held in Week 10, outlining the overall recommendations for the building analysed in the ESD report.
  • Assignment equivalent to 2,000 words (30%) due in week 12, focusing on the ability to think creatively and research and evaluate the traditional and alternate methodologies that drive social, environmental and economic outcomes.