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Research Thesis - Property (ABPL90362) // Assessment

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Additional details

  • Research development and preliminary data discussion due in week 6 (20%) 1000 words equivalent due week 6, 20%;
  • Oral presentation based upon research proposal due in week 10. The oral seminar is not assessed but the final report will not be accepted for examination unless a presentation has been made (hurdle requirement);
  • Property practice thesis of 4500 words based on research completed in the prerequisite subject, ABPL90363 Property Research and Analysis. The 4500 words required for this piece of assessment is additional to work completed for prerequisite subject ABPL90363 Property Research and Analysis. Writing submitted as part of the prerequisite subject may not be submitted as part of this subject. Due end of semester, 80%;

Hurdle requirement: satisfactory completion of oral presentation is hurdle