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Chemistry 2 (CHEM10004) // Further information

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Further information

Prescribed texts

  • A. Burrows, J. Holman, A. Parsons, G. Pilling and G. Price, Chemistry3 2nd Ed, Oxford University Press, 2013.


This subject is available for science credit to students enrolled in the BSc (both pre-2008 and new degrees), BASc or a combined BSc course.

Students with a high level of achievement in CHEM10007 Fundamentals of Chemistry may be permitted to enrol in this subject in semester 2 upon successful completion of the computer aided learning modules of CHEM10003 Chemistry 1 during the winter recess.

A laboratory coat and safety glasses are required for laboratory activities.

It is recommended that students have access to a molecular model kit.

It is recommended that students who plan to major in Chemistry also enrol in two semesters of first year mathematics, for example MAST10005 Calculus 1, MAST10006 Calculus 2 and/or MAST10007 Linear Algebra.

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