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Art and the Botanical (FINA20044) // Assessment

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  • Essay - 1000 words; due 8-10 days after final class (25%)
  • 1000 words
At the end of the assessment period25%
  • Folio: A comprehensive folio that includes completed work made for set exercises/projects, experimentation and related materials, and that demonstrates an appropriate level of understanding, development and application of the knowledge, skills and conceptual areas addressed in the subject; due 8-10 days after final class (75%)
  • pages
At the end of the assessment period75%
  • Ongoing feedback is provided to students through the subject's duration via individual and group discussion. Additionally, a progress review will take place midway through the subject, taking into account the following criteria: course engagement; work development. Intensive delivery: day 2 to 3 of intensive.
  • minutes
Throughout the semesterN/A
  • Hurdle requirement: Students must attend at least 80% of all scheduled classes for the folio and essay to be accepted for assessment purposes.
Throughout the semesterN/A