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Sustainable Development (GEOG30019) // Assessment

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  1. Quiz (10% of final mark): Each week, there will be an ‘online quiz’ (10 questions) due the evening prior to lecture. This will provide students with the opportunity to show their understanding of the weekly readings. A quiz on citation and referencing will precede submission of the short essay.
  2. Tutorial Question and Answer (20% of final mark): students are responsible for attending* and contributing to tutorial discussions. Drawing on the assigned reading for each week, students collaboratively answer a question each week and contribute to tutorial discussions.
  3. Short essay (30% of final mark): Around the mid-term break, students will submit a 1400 word short essay. The topic will be supplied.
  4. Take home final exam (40% of final mark): Due during exam period, students will submit their final ‘take-home’ essay (1800 words). The topic will be provided on the final day of class.

A late penalty of 10%/day will be assessed on all late submissions.

* This subject offers students a blended option, with lectures recorded and online tutorials available (note: students cannot move from online to in-person tutorials following the second week of class).