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  • Advanced Construction LawLAWS70128

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:August Year:2020Quotas apply

    This subject is explicitly aimed at enhancing students’ ability to make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of construction law in Australia and overseas. The emphasis is on analysing and testing cutting-edge case law, commentary and other legal developments in the classroom and...

  • Advanced Construction TechnologyABPL90010

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2020

    This subject investigates technological topics in building materials, components, systems and methods that normally require input from specialist trades and/or the adaptation of common practice to highly-bespoke design proposals. Focus is given to construction technologies where significant desig...

  • Advanced Consumer BehaviourMKTG90023

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2020

    This subject is designed to provide a strong foundation in theories and research in the area of consumer behaviour. This will involve an examination and understanding of various topics in social sciences such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, etc. and apply these to understand consumer ...

  • Advanced Control SystemsELEN90064

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2020

    AIMS This subject provides an introduction to modern control theory with a particular focus on state-space methods and optimal control. The role of feedback in control will be reinforced within this context, alongside the role of optimisation techniques in control system synthesis. This subject i...

  • Advanced Cost ManagementABPL90129

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2020

    Successful project development depends on pro-active cost management from feasibility through to design, tender and construction, to the completion and useful life of the project. This subject examines applications of economics, management, law and statistical techniques to construction cost econ...

  • Advanced Creative Writing ProjectCWRI90019

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2020

    Students in  this subject will devise, plan, develop and complete an independent major creative project in a writing genre of their choice including but not limited to prose fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, scriptwriting, graphic narrative. Students will produce drafts of work in progress, ...

  • Advanced Database SystemsCOMP90050

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1, Winter Term Year:2020

    AIMS Many applications require access to very large amounts of data. These applications often require reliability (data must not be lost even in the presence of hardware failures), and the ability to retrieve and process the data very efficiently. The subject will cover the technologies used in...

  • Advanced Derivative SecuritiesFNCE90005

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2020 Year:2020

    Arbitrage bounds, stock price dynamics, geometric Brownian motion and Itos Lemma, Cox-Ross-Rubinstein binomial model, Black-Scholes model, risk neutral valuation, forwards and futures, currency, stock index, futures and exotic options, Interest rate derivative securities.

  • Advanced Discrete MathematicsMAST90030

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2020

    The subject consists of three main topics. The bijective principle with applications to maps, permutations, lattice paths, trees and partitions. Algebraic combinatorics with applications rings, symmetric functions and tableaux. Ordered sets with applications to generating functions and the struct...

  • Advanced Dynamical MeteorologyATOC90012

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Not offered in 2020 Year:2020

    The aim of the subject is to explore the basic dynamical principles governing flow in a rotating frame of reference (the Earth's frame of reference), and to use these principles to understand the large-scale dynamics of the atmosphere.

  • Advanced DynamicsMCEN90041

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2020

    This subject continues from Dynamics to deepen the students’ understanding of Engineering Mechanics, specifically focusing on Analytical Mechanics: Kinematics and Generalised Coordinates.Virtual Work and Virtual Displacement, Generalised Force.Energies: Kinetic, Potential.Lagrange approach: deal...

  • Advanced Echocardiography InterpretationMEDI90059

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2 Year:2020

    This subject will outline how formally report diagnostic echocardiography studies, using a custom designed database reporting system. There will be 50 case studies to be reported. Topics include: Principles of Echocardiography ReportingUse of Echocardiography Report DatabaseReporting Case Studi...

  • Advanced Econometric TechniquesECOM90005

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2020

    This course is designed to introduce you to the mathematical underpinnings of the main tools used in empirical economics. Special emphasis will be given to three topics: models of probability, methods of estimation, and methods of inference. Simple mathematical analysis, in particular both differ...

  • Advanced Econometric Techniques 2ECOM90014

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2020

    The aim of this subject is to take the skills developed in ECOM90005 Advanced Econometric Techniques and use them to explore the main techniques for analysing a variety of econometric problems.

  • Advanced Editing for Digital MediaPUBL90009

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2020

    This subject introduces students to advanced aspects of editing for digital media. It focuses on the methods, systems, trends and technological developments taking place in digital media industries, and presents a portfolio of key skills and knowledge required in contemporary editing and content ...

  • Advanced Elements of AnalyticsMAST90134

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Term 2 Year:2020

    This subject equips students with the practical skills to apply regression methods to health data using the statistical packages R and Stata, as well as a major emphasis on the interpretation and communication of results. Topics covered include: analysis of continuous outcomes with linear regress...

  • Advanced English LiteraciesEDUC90377

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:July Year:2020

    This subject will lead teacher candidates to increase their understanding of the advanced forms of language and literacy that are developed in the middle years of schooling. Candidates will engage with key research that indicates a significant transition in English literacy in the final years of...

  • Advanced Environmental ComputationMAST90128

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2020

    Fitting models to data is a fundamental component of computational biology. In this subject we teach statistical and machine learning approaches, including methods specifically developed for handling spatial data. The subject will give you understanding of, and practice in, a range of modern tech...

  • Advanced EvidenceLAWS70071

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:July Year:2020Quotas apply

    In the preparation and conduct of litigation no area of law is more important than the law of evidence. Advanced Evidence aims to provide students with an enhanced understanding of the law of evidence. This subject focuses on key provisions of the uniform evidence legislation, which now operates ...

  • Advanced Experimental EconomicsECON90079

    Graduate coursework subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2020

    The subject aims to provide a foundation for original research in the fields of behavioural and experimental economics. First, it explores how behavioural economics extends traditional economics by incorporating insights into human behaviour derived from other fields such as psychology and sociol...