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MD Research Project 2 (MEDS90026)

Graduate courseworkPoints: 50On Campus (Parkville)

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Year of offer2019
Subject levelGraduate coursework
Subject codeMEDS90026
FeesSubject EFTSL, Level, Discipline & Census Date

This subject is a semester-long supervised research placement predominantly located within the University and associated research institutes, teaching hospitals, and other clinical settings, with selected overseas placements for high-achieving students. Students will undertake a research project and write a report in the style of a peer-reviewed journal article.

Intended learning outcomes

Students will be expected to develop:

  • the ability to identify and address their own learning needs
  • the ability to apply effective time management and organisational skills
  • an understanding of the scientific method relevant to biological, behavioural and social science
  • an understanding of research methods and their applications
  • the ability to access new knowledge from all sources, to analyse and interpret it in a critical manner, and to apply it appropriately to their provision of health care
  • an appreciation of the responsibility to contribute towards the generation of new knowledge
  • an understanding of educational theory and practice and the ability to teach
  • an understanding of and ability to apply the principles of ethics research
  • a respect for the roles and expertise of other health care professionals and the ability to communicate effectively with them
  • an understanding of the principles of quality and safety in health care systems
  • the ability and a willingness to contribute to the community
  • a commitment to contribute to the resolution of health inequities locally and globally
  • an understanding of the principles of effective record keeping and the ability to maintain high quality medical records
  • the ability to write and academic paper in publication style
  • the ability to identify and apply appropriate statistical analysis to a research question
  • the ability to interpret and report the findings from statistical analyses

Generic skills

Students will be expected to develop:

  • an understanding of the principles of honesty, integrity, altruism and lifelong curiosity
  • an understanding of the principles of self-awareness, the ability to recognise when clinical problems exceed their knowledge and skill, and a willingness to seek help
  • the ability to respond constructively to appraisal, performance review or assessment
  • the ability to manage uncertainty
  • an understanding of the aetiology, pathology, symptoms and signs, natural history and prognosis of important physical and mental illnesses in all stages of life
  • the ability to learn from patients, health professionals and the community in a broad range of settings
  • an understanding of and respect for the rights of patients including patient choice, dignity and privacy

Last updated: 11 November 2018