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Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2 (PSYC10004) // Assessment

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Additional details

  • One three-hour examination (end of semester examination period) (55% of total mark)
  • A laboratory report in two related parts of not more than 2000 words in total (Part 1 before Week 6; Part 2 before Week 10) (40% of total mark)
  • Participation in up to five hours of research activities as detailed at https://psychologicalsciences.unimelb.edu.au/research/research-experience-program with 1% awarded for each hour of participation (by the end of week 12) (up to 5% of total mark)

Hurdle requirements

  • Each piece of assessment must be submitted
  • Attendance of at least 80% of laboratory classes

In case of failure to meet the attendance requirement, additional work related to the missed class activities (e.g., short 500 word essay on missed topic) will be required before a passing grade can be awarded.