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Bachelor of Science (B-SCI) // Majors, minors and specialisations

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Majors, minors & specialisations

Completion of 50 points of study at third year level.

A number of these science majors include specialisations. Descriptions of the specialisations are located within the majors.

Students who commenced their course prior to 2015 and are planning to complete majors that are no longer offered should consult the handbook entry for the year they commenced their course and may then contact the Science Student Centre if they require further advice on major and subject selection.

Please note that as of 2015 the Atmosphere & Ocean Science and Geomatics majors were renamed to Climate & Weather and Spatial Systems respectively.

The structure, subject options or learning outcomes of these majors remain unchanged

Name Credit Points
Agricultural Science 50
Animal Health and Disease 50
Animal Science and Management 50
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 50
Bioengineering Systems 50
Biotechnology 50
Cell and Developmental Biology 50
Chemical Systems 50
Chemistry 50
Computational Biology 50
Computing and Software Systems 50
Climate and Weather 50
Civil Systems 50
Data Science 50
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 50
Electrical Systems 50
Environmental Engineering Systems 50
Environmental Science 50
Food Science 50
Forest Science 50
Genetics 50
Geography 50
Geology 50
Human Structure and Function 50
Immunology 50
Informatics 50
Marine Biology 50
Mathematical Physics 50
Mathematics and Statistics 50
Mechanical Systems 50
Microbiology and Immunology 50
Neuroscience 50
Pathology 50
Pharmacology 50
Physics 50
Physiology 50
Plant Science 50
Psychology 50
Spatial Systems 50
Zoology 50

Subjects available for science credit

A full list of subjects available for science credit for the new generation Bachelor of Science course (B-SCI).

Name Credit Points
Science-credited subjects - new generation B-SCI and B-ENG.

Last updated: 19 October 2019