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Systems Modelling and Design (CVEN30010) // Further information

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    Over approximately the first half of the semester, separate lectures in both geotechnical engineering will be presented supplementing the basic technical knowledge required to undertake the design projects. Worked examples will be provided at various times to illustrate the application of that knowledge. Students will also undertake one laboratory session during this period so that they can get some hands-on experience with seepage in soils. Over the last few weeks of the semester, students will be provided with an engineering design project. Details of the design project and all necessary knowledge necessary, including the usage of the software, will be provided during workshops.


    A range of references will be provided to allow students to back up the basic information provided in lectures. This material will include specifically prepared notes on selected topics, PowerPoint presentations, worked design examples, manuals for the software used in the design projects and online tutorials for this software.


    The main link with this subject is that students will be able to develop many of the essential modelling and design skills typically required for careers in engineering design, not only in generic terms but also specifically in terms of geotechnical and hydraulic engineering. The software used in the projects undertaken is widely used in industry.

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