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Sexual Health

Informal specialisationYear: 2018

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The Sexual Health stream in the MPH focuses on the important recognition and understanding of how sexual health impacts on the public health of communities. In developed countries recent changes in the epidemiology of many STIs and changing sexual behaviour patterns have focused attention deservedly on improving access to services and the protection and empowerment of those most vulnerable in society. In addition many other social, cultural and economic influences are acknowledged as important considerations in the study and practice of sexual health. This sexual health specialisation enables students to familiarise themselves with the important public health implications of sexual health and to develop an advanced knowledge of the literature in a related area of interest. Students may have a clinical or non-clinical interest and professional background. Whilst sexual health priorities may differ between resource poor and resource rich settings, the core public health concepts and implications are similar and so the sexual health stream is of interest and relevance to both local and international students. Students with a specialised sexual health qualification in public health will find this relevant to work in a wide variety of areas including clinical sexual health services, policy and government related areas and international health.

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Last updated: 29 March 2019