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The Developing World (DEVT10001)

Undergraduate level 1Points: 12.5On Campus (Parkville)

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Year of offer2018
Subject levelUndergraduate Level 1
Subject codeDEVT10001
Semester 1
FeesSubject EFTSL, Level, Discipline & Census Date

This subject is an introduction to the developing world and development studies from the perspectives of Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Sociology and Geography. Beginning with an examination of the legacies of colonialism, we will ask to what extent they can be argued to have created the current divide between the developed, global North and the developing or under-developed global South. We will then focus on the relationship between rich and poor countries in an increasingly globalised world, identifying the manifestations of global inequality and ways of addressing it. The roles of international organisations and agendas such as the Millennium Development Goals in mediating relations between global North and South will also be studied. Key development issues such as poverty, aid, debt, trade, migration, gender and sustainability will be investigated through use of case studies from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Intended learning outcomes

On completion of this subject students should:

  • Have a critical understanding of the contribution of colonialism to contemporary global inequalities in development;
  • Acquire greater analytical capacity to evaluate the current political and economic relationships between developed and developing countries;
  • acquire a deeper critical understanding of the role of institutional actors in development like the state, NGOs, and international organisations such as the World Trade Organisation, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the United Nations;
  • Become familiar with foundational terms and concepts in the field of development studies.

Last updated: 8 January 2019