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Specialisation (formal)Year: 2019

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The Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) allows you to undertake a minor research subject and coursework subjects in a specialist field of study at an advanced level. This course is equivalent to an Arts Honours program when the thesis component is taken. It serves as prerequisite entry to a Masters by Research or PhD for those who have not completed a four-year Arts (Honours) degree in the relevant area.

Please note:

  • Mid-year entry is not available for this specialisation.
  • Students must enrol in the thesis CRIM40008 Criminology Thesis Part 1 and CRIM40009 Criminology Thesis Part 2 over two consecutive semesters.

Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete the Graduate Diploma in Arts (Advanced) in this area of specialisation should:

  • have a rounded knowledge of criminological theory regarding the nature of crime and its control;
  • acquire skills in research procedures for the analysis of criminological issues, including the ability to plan and organise research;
  • gain an understanding of major elements of public policy debates relating to crime and its control, especially as these impact upon various parts of the criminal justice system;
  • develop an overview of the emerging alternatives posed for organising various aspects of the criminal justice system; and
  • receive instruction and advice, and have experience, in writing a preparatory research thesis on a criminological topic.
Last updated: 27 May 2019