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Bachelor of Design (B-DES) // Course structure

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Course structure

Course Rules:

The Bachelor of Design requires the successful completion of 300 points comprising:

  • 225 points of Bachelor of Design subjects including:
    • At least 62.5 points at Level 1
    • At least 62.5 points at Level 2
    • At least 75 points at Level 3 (including 50 points of a prescribed Bachelor of Design major at Level 3)
  • At least 50 points of breadth subjects including at least 12.5 points at Level 2 or Level 3
  • 25 points of breadth and/or elective subjects at Level 1, 2 or 3

Breadth requirements

Bachelor of Design students must complete a minimum of 50 points (four subjects), and a maximum of 75 points (six subjects), of breadth subjects.

At least 12.5 points of breadth must be taken at Level 2 or 3, and no more than 37.5 points may be taken at Level 1.

For information on breadth subjects and for a complete listing, please see: http://breadth.unimelb.edu.au/breadth/info/index.html. The breadth options for Bachelor of Design students are restricted depending on the major that has been selected. Detailed information on these Non-allowed Breadth subjects is available.

Additional requirements:

  • No more than 125 points at Level 1
  • No more than 37.5 points of breadth at Level 1


  1. Progression - All students must complete an online plagiarism training module in their first year of enrolment in the Bachelor of Design before being allowed to progress to the second year of enrolment.
  2. Students must normally complete 50 points of study at one year level before proceeding to the next subject year level.

To view a sample course plan please visit: http://edsc.unimelb.edu.au/undergraduate/course-planning/bdes