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Bachelor of Environments (B-ENVS) // Course structure

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Course structure

Course Rules:

The Bachelor of Environments requires the successful completion of 300 points comprising:

  • 225 points of Environments discipline subjects including:
    • At least 75 points at Level 1
    • At least 62.5 points at Level 2
    • At least 62.5 points at Level 3
  • 50 points of breadth including:
    • At least 12.5 points at Level 2 or 3 (and no more than 37.5 points at Level 1)
  • 25 points of free subjects at Levels 1 to 3

Note: No more than 125 points may be taken at Level 1 within the B-ENVS.

Breadth requirements
Bachelor of Environments students must complete between 50 and 75 credit points of subjects selected from those available as breadth for Bachelor of Environments students; with no more than 37.5 points at Level 1. For a complete listing of available subjects please click the 'Find breadth subjects' link on the Handbook homepage and perform a search. The breadth requirements for the Bachelor of Environments include the restriction of some subjects as breadth options, depending on an individual student’s choice of major. Subjects in the Handbook that are marked as available as breadth in the Bachelor of Environments may be subject to further restrictions, depending upon which major a student is completing in that course. Detailed information on these Restrictions for Breadth Options please check the 2016 handbook, also can be found under course structure for each major.

Major Requirements
Students must complete between 100 and 112.5 points to satisfy the requirements of a Bachelor of Environments major sequence.

Additional Requirements
Students must complete a minimum of 37.5 points and a maximum of 75 points selected from Bachelor of Environments elective subjects.

Students must normally complete 50 points of study at one year‐level before proceeding to the next year‐level.