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Bachelor of Science (B-SCI) // Course structure

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Course structure

Successful completion of 300 points comprising:

  • 225 points of science subjects including:
    • At least 62.5 points at Level 1
    • At least 62.5 points at Level 2
    • At least 75 points at Level 3 (including 50 points of a prescribed science major at Level 3)
  • 50 points of breadth subjects including at least 12.5 points at Level 2 or Level 3
  • 25 points (either science subjects or breadth subjects) at Level 1, 2 or 3

Additional requirements:

  • No more than 125 points at Level 1 may be included in the BSc
  • No more than 37.5 points of breadth at Level 1 may be included in the BSc
  • Progression: Students must normally complete 50 points of study at one subject year level before proceeding to the next subject year level.
  • Diversity of Level 1 science study: Students must complete Level 1 subjects from at least two different areas of study. A maximum of 37.5 points at Level 1 from any single area of study may be completed. The areas of study available are: Biology; Chemistry; Earth Sciences; Engineering Systems; Geography and Environments; Computer Science; Mathematics and Statistics; Physics; Psychology

Science points.

Subjects attracting science points in the BSc are listed below, beneath the information about Majors and Specialisations.

Special Arrangements:

In the case of the study area of History and Philosophy of Science (HPS), students who seek to undertake further subjects in order to complete the equivalent of a major in HPS will be permitted to take up to 25 points of additional breadth study in HPS, replacing 25 points of the science requirements of the BSc. For a BSc student, the equivalent of a major in HPS is the completion of 100 points of HPS subjects (25 points at Level 1, 37.5 points at Level 2 and 37.5 points at Level 3 including HPSC30035 Knowledge in the Making. These students will be required to satisfy all other completion requirements of the BSc. This arrangement is only available to students who have not completed any other breadth subjects for credit in the BSc. In order to complete the 112.5 points required at Level 3 within this arrangement (i.e. across science and HPS studies), students should consider undertaking a Level 3 HPS subject in the second year of their course.


Students who entered the BSc prior to 2015 should refer the handbook entry of the year they commenced