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Doctor of Medicine (MC-DMED) // Course structure

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Course structure

In order to qualify for the Doctor of Medicine (MD), students must successfully complete all subjects listed in Subject Options below (400 credit points).

Notes about Clinical Electives

  • Students commencing the MD course from 2014 onwards will have the option of undertaking a clinical elective of least 1 week duration, during any non-teaching period, arranged by the student in consultation with the relevant Director of Medical Education and participating institution.
  • Students who commenced the MD course prior to 2014 must successfully complete the following hurdle requirement in order to qualify for the Doctor of Medicine (MD): Students will be expected, with the assistance of their clinical school, to find and confirm an elective place of four weeks duration at some point prior to graduation from the course. It is anticipated that the majority of students will complete this elective in the summer break between first and second year, second and third year, or third and fourth year of the program.