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Principles of Property (ABPL20031) // Assessment

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Additional details

  • Individual Assessment Task: One 90 minute mid semester examination(approximately 30-35 hours of work), Week 8 30%. (Hurdle 40%)
  • Individual Assessment Task: One 180 minute end-of-semester examination(approximately 40-55 hours of work ), worth 40%. (Hurdle 40%)
  • Individual Assessment Task: In Lecture Testing(approximately 15-20 hours of work ), 20%. (Hurdle 40%)
  • Individual Assessment Task: Attendance at and Participation in Tutorials (10%). Examples of participation in tutorials: 1) Tutorial questions will be provided to students in the latter part of the week prior to following weeks’ tutorials. Students will be required to complete a written answer sheet for hand-in and discussion at each tutorial. All questions will be required to be answered; 2) Students will be required to be able to discuss, individually and as part of a group, matters related to those questions and matters raised in prior weeks’ tutorials and classes. (Hurdle 80% of attendency)

Hurdle requirement:

Student is required to at least meet the hurdle requirement for each of the above four (4) components of assessment.

Minimum 80% attendance at tutorials is also a hurdle requirement.