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Major Project (Social Practice) (CCDP40002) // Assessment

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  • Hurdle requirement: The two project reviews the first mid semester 1, and the second mid semester 2.
Mid semesterN/A
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Social Practice presentation of major project, reflecting 816 hours total time commitment, the work or works deemed to be the successful outcome of the investigative process. The major project may take the form of an exhibition, public performance, publication, or similar creative output. A single mark is assigned at the end of the year. The research project will be assessed at the end of the academic year in the assessment period with an assessment weight of 100%. Two project reviews will take place: the first mid semester 1, and the second mid semester 2. The reviews  will take into account the student's progress against the following criteria: Course engagement, Project development, Field participation. Students sight and sign their progress reports and formal feedback is given to students who are deemed to be at risk. Supervisors also complete a mid-year progress report outlining progress with the project, detailing any major changes to the original project, frequency of contact and any problems encountered. Due: Semester 2 examination period
  • 816 hours
During examination period100%