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Internet Technologies (COMP90007) // Assessment

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Additional details

  • Two individual homework assignments, equally weighted due around Week 3 and Week 7, requiring approximately 15 - 17 hours of work (5% each; 10% in total)
  • A project on obtaining measurement about a network and providing analysis of the collected data networks, due around week 5, requiring approximately 20-30 hours of work (10%)
  • One 45 minutes mid-semester test, to be held around Week 7 (5%)
  • A technical report about a current research topic or technology in networks, due around week 11, requiring approximately 35 - 40 hours of work (15%)
  • A 3-hour written examination, at the end of the semester (60%).

Hurdle requirement:

  • A Pass mark in all pieces of assessment is required to qualify for a Pass result in the subject.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) 1 to 4 are addressed in the examination and the two assignments.

ILOs 3 and 4 and the generic skills are addressed in the project work.

Assignment 1 and 2 tests the knowledge of the core modules of the subject topic introduced in lectures. They are generally extensions of tutorial questions. The knowledge earned during the semester is finally tested in 3 hour examination. The project work, done in a group of two students, tests research and presentation skills.