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Science in Schools (EDUC90839) // Assessment

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Reflective Statement (1000 words), due early semester 20%

Students can choose from the following topics or negotiate another with their tutor

  • Personal / Professional Identity
  • Guided Observation of Classroom Experience
  • Teaching & Learning Activity
  • Classroom Initiative or Challenge

Case Study written proposal (500 words) due mid - end semster 10%

Interactive Classroom Presentation 15 minutes (1000 word equivalent) due mid-end semester 20%

  • As a group (up to 4) students present an interactive presentation on a Current Contextual Issue in Education

Case Study Report (2500 words): A case study or placement project report based on a specific challenge experienced while working in schools, and how this was either resolved or led to new learning or understanding about Science and classroom student learning. Due end of semester 50%

This subject has a minimum hurdle requirement of 80% attendance at all tutorials, seminars and workshops. Professional practice placements require 100% attendance.