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Environmental Research Project - 50 Pt2 (ENST90038) // Assessment

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Additional details

A written report and presentation (hurdle requirement) based on the student’s original work and additional assessment tasks as required by supervisor (from list below) to word limit (or equivalent) 20,000 words.

1. A research report weighted at no less than 60% of the final score, to be submitted at the end of semester to be assessed by the two academics of the supervisor’s choice.

2. If final research report is less than 100% of assessment as determined by a supervisor, additional assessment tasks (and suggested weightings) are to be chosen by supervisors from the following list:

  • Detailed research proposal (10-40%);
  • Comprehensive literature review (10-40%);
  • Research diary (hurdle or 5-20%);
  • Lab notes (hurdle or 10-40%);
  • Field notes (hurdle or 10-40%);
  • Presentation (10-20%);
  • Preparation of data, specimens for museum curation and data repositories (hurdle or 10-40%);
  • Short lay article eg opinion piece, article for ‘The Conversation’, brochure for practitioners, service providers and users (Hurdle or 10 – 30%).

Additional assessment tasks to be submitted at dates nominated by supervisors and throughout semester and to be assessed by the supervisor or a person (or persons) of the supervisor’s choice.