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Spatial Information Research Project (GEOM90020) // Assessment

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The research project culminates in a thesis, reporting about the addressed research problem, approach, results, and conclusions. A project stretched over two semesters is still assessed at the end of the second component. The thesis will be assessed by two examiners, both possibly supervisors, according to the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) 1 to 4, and is worth 100%. Effective feedback will be provided to students continuously during the project period: (a) at the beginning of the project the supervisor(s) will discuss with the student their expectations on a page or word limit on an individual basis, due to the variety of the characters of research projects in spatial information such as fieldwork, programming, or literature review, and (b) in weekly or fortnightly individual, face-to-face progress meetings. The total workload of a Spatial Information Research Project is 800 hours.