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Information Security and Privacy (INFO30006) // Assessment

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  • Class participation / homework assignments (10%):
    Students are expected to prepare small weekly homework assignments. These assignments will relate to the relevant subject content of the week and aims to emphasise a key point in information security, privacy and transparency. Homework assignments will be provided in class the week prior and students will be assessed on their participation in discussions. Students are required to prepare and actively participate in weekly discussion in class to ensure learning outcomes are reached. Individual student preparation time for lectures is 2-5 hours per student. ILOs: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Workshops (20%):
    Students work in groups of minimum 4 in workshops on current issues/news in media related to the topic of the week (weeks 3 – 12). Format of workshop: one group presents prescribed material on topic (approximately 15 minutes) and a second group facilitates a subsequent discussion among all workshop members based on the presentation (approximately 40 minutes). Prescribed material consists of a combination of academic articles, magazines, podcasts, and short documentaries/TEDx talks to ensure students are able to link current issues to academic material. Students are required to attend workshops and will receive feedback on their presentation and facilitation tasks. Student preparation time is 10 – 13 hours per student. ILOs: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Information security/privacy incident analysis (20%):
    Students will work in groups to report on an information security/privacy incident. The analysis aids students in gaining skills and confidence in expressing relevant concepts and arguments to decision and policy makers. Students will develop a written response to a current issue within security, privacy and transparency. The specific assignment is set by the lecturing team and examples could be to develop: 1) a commentary addressing a government proposal to change current legislation, 2) an argumentative policy analysis to change existing (outdated) legislation or 3) an opinion piece targeting ‘The Conversation’ on relevant issue. Students will provide a short briefing in class. Assignment will be released in week x and is due in week 11, where presentations take place. ILOs: 2, 4
    One written 2-hour closed book end of semester examination (50%). The examination is a hurdle and must be passed to pass the subject. ILOs: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Hurdle Requirements: To pass the subject, students must obtain at least 50% (25/50) in in the examination.

Hurdle Requirements:

To pass the subject, students must obtain

  • at least 50% (25/50) in the examination
  • a combined total of at least 50% (25/50) in the other components of assessment