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Community Volunteering - Global (MULT30021) // Assessment

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Additional details

The assessment for this subject is equivalent to 4, 000 words consisting of the following:

  • Mid-semester progress report 1500-word mid-semester progress report on the placement experience, including personal skills, knowledge development and critical reflection 20% (due mid-semester);
  • 20 minute team presentation 30%analysing the strategic plan and mission of your host organisations and their relationship to community development goals 30% (due in weeks 10-12);
  • 2,000 major essay exploring some aspect of the nature of community development and volunteering as you have studied it and as you have observed it during your placement 50% (due at the end of semester);
  • The subject also has hurdle requirements - 80 hours of satisfactory work placement and 100% of attendance at seminars.