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Preclinical Optometry (OPTO90024) // Further information

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Further information

  • Texts

    Prescribed texts

    Recommended texts and other resources

    Benjamin W (2006) Borish’s Clinical Refraction. 2nd Ed. Pub. Butterworth-Heinemann.
    Elliott D.B. (2007) Clinical Procedures in Primary Eye Care. 3rd Ed. Pub. Elsevier.

  • Subject notes

    Basic optometric equipment will need to be purchased by each student. There will be an information session advising students of what is required early in semester 1. Students will have the opportunity to submit orders for equipment towards the end of semester 1 ready for use in semester 2.

    Students are strongly advised to purchase their own equipment, which they will continue to use during their course and after graduation. However, those students who do not have their own equipment will be able to borrow equipment for classes.