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Oral Health Practice 4 (ORAL90001)

Graduate courseworkPoints: 25Not available in 2019

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Year of offerNot available in 2019
Subject levelGraduate coursework
Subject codeORAL90001
FeesSubject EFTSL, Level, Discipline & Census Date

The subject Oral Health Practice 4 encompasses all clinical based learning for the Grad Cert Adult Therapy Scope course at the Melbourne Dental School. It will be conducted as a clinically based component. This subject is taught in close conjunction with subjects Oral Health Sciences 4 & Oral Pathology & Adult Oral Function. Clinical teaching and learning activities will be centered at the Melbourne Dental School and further supplementary learning within community dental clinic settings.

This subject has the following components: Comprehensive adult oral health examinations, management of the older adult, communication skills, medically compromised patients, periodontology, dental materials, prosthodontics, oral medicine and pharmacology, local anaesthesia, dental emergency management and cariology.

Student learning will include: the importance of oral medicine, pharmacological interactions and medically compromised patients on the needs/care of adult patients; the skills required to communicate effectively in the management of this client group; the diagnosis and management of disease patterns and dental emergencies; selection and use of appropriate dental materials; the appreciation of an older occlusion and complications to restorative care.

Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete this subject should be able to:

  • Competently assess a patient’s medical history to ascertain possible complications to care and to seek appropriate referral advice when required
  • Undertake a comprehensive examination of adult patients, diagnose disease and identify simple restorative needs and those that require referral to a dentist
  • Identify occlusal conditions that contraindicate dental restoration by a DT/OHT
  • Identify different types of dental prostheses used in dentistry including the indications for each
  • Describe the possible complications for placing restorations adjacent to a fixed or removable prostheses
  • Appreciate the restorative-periodontal interface
  • Describe common endodontic therapies used in permanent teeth and recognize clinical signs of failure that require referral
  • Describe age related changes in teeth and the supporting structures
  • Appreciate the challenges of restoring form and function with multisurface restorations in adult mouths
  • Undertake treatment planning for care considered part of the scope of practice for OHT or DT and consult or refer to a dentist for those elements outside such scope.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and competency in adult clinical dental therapy practice
  • Demonstrate knowledge and competency in adult dental trauma and dental emergencies.
  • Recognize when clinical cases are beyond their skill set and make appropriate referral.

Last updated: 2 July 2019