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Utilising Knowledge in Aboriginal Health (RURA90008) // Assessment

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Project plan topic and rationale

  • 500 words
Week 210%

Knowledge supporting project topic (literature review and sources of Aboriginal knowledge)

  • 1500 words
Week 730%

Project plan presentation

  • 10 minutes
Week 1220%

Written project plan

  • 2000 words
Week 1230%

Participation in the subject throughout the semester. (Each student will receive a weekly mark for participating in the subject e.g. contributing to group discussions, demonstrating that they have read the assigned readings and questioning these readings. An average score (weighted for the time interval) will provide a participation mark worth 10% of the course assessment)

Hurdle requirement: Student attendance at the intensive sessions is required for 100% of the time unless written agreement from the course coordinator is attained. Failure to attend 100% of the intensive sessions will result in failure of the subject. Each student will receive a participation mark for this subject. An average score will provide a participation mark worth 20% of the subject's assessment.
From Week 1 to Week 1210%