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Screen & Cultural Studies Thesis Part 1 (SCRN40017) // Assessment

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Additional details

This assessment statement applies to the entire enrolment across Parts 1 and 2 of the subject (i.e. SCRN40017 and SCRN40018 together):

  • A thesis of 15,000 words on an approved topic written over two consecutive semesters, due at the end of the second semester of enrolment (100%).
  • Hurdle: Students are required to attend a minimum of 80% of supervision meetings in order to qualify to have their written work assessed. Any student who fails to meet this hurdle without valid reason will not be eligible to pass the subject. All required written work must be submitted in order to pass the subject. Essays submitted after the due date without an extension will be penalised 2% per day. Essays submitted after two weeks of the assessment due date without a formally approved application for special consideration or an extension will only be marked on a pass/fail basis if accepted.