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Professional Portfolio B (VETS90081) // Assessment

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VETS90081 Professional Portfolio B is a pass/fail only subject.

The assessment components comprise:

  • Attendance at and participation in practicals in the chosen track
  • Attendance at and participation in communication practicals
  • Attendance at and participation in careers training
  • Submission of a draft curriculum vitae (up to 1000 words) and a cover letter (up to 500 words) for a professional job application (due by the end of Week 3 of Semester 2)
  • Recording of a simulated job interview, due by the end of Week 3 of Semester 2
  • A 15-minute clinical skills proficiency test (direct observational assessment of proficiency in performing set clinical and diagnostic tasks), scheduled between Weeks 4 and 8 of Semester 2
  • Submission of up to four written reflective pieces (each up to 500 words) (due during Semester 2)
  • Submission of a collated and revised professional e-Portfolio (up to 1500 words) (due at the end of Week 14 of Semester 2)

Hurdle Requirements

Students are required to pass the subject. To pass, students must:

  • Attend and participate in at least 80% of the practical classes in the chosen track.
  • Attend and participate in the communication practicals.
  • Attend and participate in careers training.
  • Pass the clinical skills proficiency test, and
  • Meet the milestones for submission of the curriculum vitae, cover letter, recording of a simulated job interview, written reflective pieces and the e-Portfolio