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Plant Science

MajorYear: 2019

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A Plant Science major will provide the springboard for students in entering careers or research in all fields requiring a solid understanding of plants and their environments. Graduates will develop a comprehensive integrated knowledge of the biology of plants as well as both field and laboratory skills. This major will include knowledge from all aspects of plant biology from cells to ecosystems, by enabling students to complete an integrated subject on plant evolution combination with a suite of specialist subjects in specific subdiscipline fields.

Intended learning outcomes

Plant Science Major Graduates should demonstrate:

  • a comprehensive integrated knowledge of the biology of plants;
  • competence in field and laboratory techniques in the study of plants;
  • appreciation for plant diversity within a global and Australian context;
  • ability to critically evaluate empirical arguments;
  • expertise in the effective design and conduct experiments with plants;
  • understanding of how to apply statistical methods in the analysis and interpretation of data;
  • ability to conduct research as part of a team;
  • effective written and oral communication skills.
Last updated: 14 September 2019