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Bachelor of Biomedicine (B-BMED) // Majors, minors and specialisations

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Majors, minors & specialisations

Bachelor of Biomedicine - Majors

Bachelor of Biomedicine majors allow students to specialise in a particular area gaining a breadth and depth of study. A major in this course comprises 50 points at subject Level 3 in a particular biomedicine discipline:

Name Credit Points
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 50
Bioengineering Systems 50
Biotechnology 50
Cell and Developmental Biology 50
Genetics 50
Human Structure and Function 50
Immunology 50
Microbiology and Immunology 50
Neuroscience 50
Pathology 50
Pharmacology 50
Physiology 50
Human Nutrition 50
Psychology 50

Core selective subjects in the Bachelor of Biomedicine

A full list of subjects available as credit (selectives) for the Bachelor of Biomedicine (B-BMED).

Name Credit Points
Selective subjects for B-BMED

Last updated: 19 October 2019