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Graduate Certificate in Arts (Advanced) (GCA-ARTS) // Course structure

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Course structure

Total 50 points in one area of specialisation.

Refer to each specialisation for the requirements.

Students are required to complete the program requirements/structure from the year that they commenced their program. Subjects completed must be listed in the specialisation offered in this program. All compulsory and core subjects must be completed to be eligible to graduate from the program.

External Subject Rule:

Students may undertake an external subject (not listed within the program structure) with the permission of the program and subject coordinator. All external subject requests must be for the elective subject requirement, not as a compulsory, core or capstone subject. The maximum external subjects allowed are as follows:

  • 200 point program undertaken at University of Melbourne (2 years): maximum 25 points.
  • 150 point program undertaken at University of Melbourne (1.5 years): maximum 12.5 points.
  • 100* point program undertaken at University of Melbourne (1 year): 12.5 points
  • 50*^ point program undertaken at University of Melbourne (0.5 years): 0 points.

* GC-ARTS, GD-ARTS, GCA-ARTS and GDA-ARTS students are not normally granted permission to undertake external subjects towards their degree.

^ Exception: Students admitted to 50 point programs may apply to take LING90002, Presenting Academic Discourse, as an external subject.

Please note that advanced standing contributes to a student’s remaining points undertaken at University of Melbourne, and may affect how many points the student can undertake outside the enrolled program.

For policies that govern this degree, see the Courses, Subjects, Awards and Programs Policy in the University Melbourne Policy Library. Students also should also refer to information in the Enrolment and Timetabling Policy.