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  • AA Visiting School UndergraduateABPL30063

    Undergraduate subject Offered:July Year:2019Quotas apply

    This subject is a two week intensive design studio held typically on the first two weeks of July. The workshop will be run by visiting staff from the Architectural Association, School of Architecture, UK as well as teaching staff from MSD. The subject introduces students to contemporary digital d...

  • Aboriginal Art in the Northern TerritoryAHIS40016

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Winter Term Year:2019Quotas apply

    This subject is taught in Alice Springs and Darwin with visits to artistically significant Aboriginal communities. Emphasising Indigenous ownership of cultural knowledge, students will consider the history and development of Aboriginal art in the Northern Territory and the specific social, econom...

  • Aboriginal Cultural StudiesAIND30010

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject studies Aboriginal dance, theatre and popular music, cultural and sporting festivals; governmental arts funding agencies; and Aboriginal arts organisations. It focuses on theoretical and political issues which arise from Aboriginal culture being both a commodity and a vehicle of Indi...

  • AboriginalitiesMULT10001

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject will provide students with an introduction to the complexity, challenges and richness of Australian Indigenous life and cultures. Drawing on a wide range of diverse and dynamic guest lecturers, this subject gives students an opportunity to encounter Australian Indigenous knowledges, ...

  • Aboriginal Land, Law and PhilosophyAIND20005

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    Aboriginal Land, Law and Philosophy will provide students who have completed the first year introductory MULT10001 Aboriginalities subject with a more detailed and complex understanding of some of the key themes in this study area. It will utilise the physical, symbolic and metaphysical role of l...

  • Aboriginal Women and ColonialityAIND20008

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    Aboriginal Women and Coloniality is a multidisciplinary subject looking at the various roles Aboriginal women have played in Aboriginal and Settler society. It examines stereotypical representations of Aboriginal women in colonial art and culture, the depiction of Aboriginal women in literature, ...

  • Aboriginal WritingAIND30011

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject studies Aboriginal fiction, poetry and drama, as well as life stories and criticism, focusing on questions of reading positions (particularly for non-Aboriginal students) and representation. It pays particular attention to the diversity of Aboriginal writing in terms of form, content...

  • Academic English 1ESLA10003

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2 Year:2019

    Through the study of multiculturalism in Australian society, this subject develops students' ability to use academic English language. The subject is specifically designed for students who require intensive attention to their academic writing development. Its primary focus is on developing studen...

  • Academic English 2ESLA10004

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    In this subject, students will further establish their academic skills with an emphasis on critical thinking, summarising and synthesising long academic texts, and building an academic argument. The primary focus is on the development of formal oral presentation skills and an ability to write res...

  • Academic English: Economics and BusinessESLA10005

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject aims to develop ESL students' academic writing and speaking abilities through a study of topics in economics. Class exercises and assessment tasks provide students with opportunities to practice, receive feedback, and thus develop their academic language. The assessment tasks focus o...

  • Academic Writing and CommunicationMECM10005

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2 Year:2019

    This unit is designed to introduce students to the requirements of university study, engaging students in the transition to university and the concepts of various learning strategies and modes of learning. Academic writing and various communication techniques will be a key focus of the subject pr...

  • Accelerated Mathematics 1MAST10008

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject develops the concepts of vectors, matrices and the methods of linear algebra and introduces students to differentiation and integration of functions of two variables. Students will be exposed to methods of mathematical proof. Little of the material here has been seen at school and th...

  • Accelerated Mathematics 2MAST10009

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject develops fundamental concepts and principles in mathematical analysis. Students should gain skills in the practical techniques of differential calculus, integral calculus and infinite series, and study selected applications of these techniques in mathematical modelling. Topics cover...

  • Accounting for Corporate EntitiesACCT20004

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Not offered in 2019 Year:2019

    This subject examines key financial accounting topics at both an applied and theoretical level. Topics covered include but are not limited to, accounting for employee entitlements (including share options), segment reporting, earnings per share, intangible assets, biological assets, provisions an...

  • Accounting Information: Risks & ControlsACCT20007

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1, Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject is an introduction to the key business processes that generate accounting data and information. It entails the study of the information systems that support business processes, and the risks and controls that effect the reliability of accounting transaction data and the quality of in...

  • Accounting Reports and AnalysisACCT10001

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Summer Term, Semester 1, Semester 2 Year:2019Quotas apply

    This subject introduces students to the nature of accounting and its role in both financial markets and within organisations. Topics covered provide an overview of key financial and management accounting concepts and include: the constituent elements of financial statements; recognition, measurem...

  • Acting 1DRAM10012

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    Classes will focus on developing an understanding of and common language for the actor’s process. The curriculum will include improvisation and introductory text analysis, with the emphasis on developing the actor’s sense of play. In the last block of the semester, students will begin to apply th...

  • Acting 2DRAM10014

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    The terminology and process introduced in first semester will be applied to scene work, allowing students to apply their new understanding within and beyond the classroom. The emphasis will be on personal connection to the given circumstances of the character, to the text and with scene partners....

  • Acting and Performance 1DRAM10028

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 1 Year:2019

    This subject introduces acting and performance methodologies to first year students. The foundations are laid for the development of the art of acting and the composition of original material. This subject explores the core principles of performance creation: body, space, action, word, meaning, s...

  • Acting and Performance 2DRAM10031

    Undergraduate subject Offered:Semester 2 Year:2019

    This subject builds on methodologies from first semester in Acting and Performance 1. Students will further develop performance skills and the composition of original work, as they begin to explore extant text. This subject furthers knowledge(s) of the core principles of acting and performance: b...