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Bachelor of Agriculture (B-AGR) // Notes

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Q Fever

A core participation requirement of this course is that students agree to be vaccinated against Q Fever. Q Fever is a relatively common preventable condition which, while rarely fatal, can cause a severe acute illness and can result in damage to heart valves and chronic fatigue. A number of subjects offered in this course may place students at risk of exposure to Q Fever.

Q Fever screening and vaccination can be arranged through the University Health Service. The cost of the vaccination program is separate to tuition fees.

Further information: http://students.fvas.unimelb.edu.au/admin/q-fever


In accordance with the Assessment and Results Policy (MPF1326), Examiners may offer reassessment (as a second attempt at passing a subject for a borderline failure in a single subject) to a student enrolled in this course. A borderline failure is defined as a mark of 45% or more.

Last updated: 18 June 2019