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Evaluating the User Experience (INFO90004) // Assessment

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Assignment 1 – Expert Review: Involves three parts (a) Heuristic evaluation (500-1000 words, due in week 3; (b) Cognitive walkthrough of a given interactive technology (3 tasks, 300 words each), due in week 5 (c) Critical reflection on the benefits and limitations of each technique (500 words), due in week 5. Templates will be provided for this assignment. Requires total of approximately 20 hours of work. Due in week 3 and week 5 (20%). Addressing Intended Learning Outcomes 2, 3 and 4.

Assignment 2 – Evaluation Report: Group project (3-4 students) to plan an evaluation, then collect and analyse data to evaluate the usability of a given interactive technology. Students are to submit a test plan in week 6, then present their evaluation methods and findings in a structured written report (4000 words) and group presentation (10 minutes) in Week 12, requiring approximately 50 hours of work per student. Due in week 12. (40%). Addressing ILO 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Assignment 3 – Take-home Exam: Individual assignment (2000 words) responding to supplied questions, requiring approximately 30 hours of work. Students will be expected to apply, review and contrast benefits/limitations of different (specified) evaluation methods. Questions will be supplied to students in class during week 12. Due first week of examination period. Week 14 (40%). Addressing ILO 1 and 2.