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100 Point Master of Development Studies (Gender & Development) // Structure

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100 point program

Duration: 1 year full-time / up to 2 years part-time.

The Masters of Development Studies (Gender and Development) 200 point program requires:

  • four compulsory subjects (50 points)
  • elective subjects (50 points)

Please note: the minor thesis is available in the 200 point program and the 150 point program only

Capstone Requirement

All students are required to complete the Capstone Requirement for the program (25 points). Students must complete one capstone option -

Capstone Option 1: Co-requisites: DEVT90002 Internship in Development (12.5 points) and DEVT90001 Project Management & Design (12.5 points)

Purpose: An opportunity to acquire practical skills in development practice and project management and apply this knowledge to solve problems that arise in a professional context and develop an integrated understanding of knowledge and practice.

Capstone Option 2: GEND90004 Minor Thesis – Gender and Development (50 points) Please note this option is not available to students completing the 100 point program.

Purpose: An opportunity to integrate knowledge and research skills to address a specific development research question.

Capstone Option 3: DEVT90041 Research Methods for Development (12.5 points) and DEVT90048 Research for Development (12.5 points)

Purpose: An opportunity to develop research skills and apply those skills in a workshop setting.

For policies that govern this degree, see Academic Services Policy in the University Melbourne Policy Framework. Students also should also refer to information in the Student Policy Directory.

Last updated: 3 April 2019