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Arabic Studies

MajorYear: 2019

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The Arabic Studies program offers an integrated way of studying Arabic language and aspects of Arab culture. Beyond studying the language itself, students also have the opportunity to acquire a significant amount of knowledge about the nature of living, seeing, acting and interacting in the 'Arab way'. With the development of students' language proficiency, there will be a growing emphasis on reflection on, as well as critical awareness and discussion of issues related to Arabic literature and the realms of history, Arab society and religion in the Arab World.

Arabic language subjects are organised in a progressive sequence (of units) from Arabic 1 through to Arabic 10. Entry points are determined by the student’s background in the language, placement testing, prerequisites, or at the discretion of the Arabic Studies program. Students normally progress through the subjects in consecutive order. Mid-year entry is also possible into subjects with even numbers, subject to appropriate prior experience and approval from the head of the Arabic Studies program.

Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete this major will:

  • gain an in-depth knowledge of Arabic language and of Arab culture and society relative to their entry level;

  • acquire effective written and oral communication skills in Arabic;

  • develop a capacity to combine their knowledge of Arabic language and culture with other disciplines;

  • gain a knowledge of the social and cultural diversity of the Middle East and North Africa, and develop the skills to work with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds;

  • acquire the ability to set goals and manage time and priorities, and work effectively both independently and in groups.

Last updated: 1 May 2019