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Master of Development Studies (097AB) // Attributes, outcomes and skills

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Intended learning outcomes

Students who complete the Master of Development Studies should:

  • understand current practice, policy and thinking about development, and the interaction between them;
  • comprehend the relations between the political, economic, socio-cultural, environmental and gendered dimensions of poverty, inequality and development; and
  • be able to critically and constructively analyse problems and interventions on the basis of a rigorous interrogation of arguments and evidence.

Generic skills

On completion of this course, students should have a comprehensive understanding of key theories, concepts, debates, and practices in the field of development. Students who successfully complete the Masters should have acquired skills in:

  • leadership and communication;
  • critical analysis and creative thinking;
  • project management;
  • team work and professional networking; and
  • research, writing and communication

Graduate attributes

Graduates of the Master of Development Studies should be able to:

  • comprehend the relations between development, environmental conditions and health, globalisation and development, culture and development, and gender, globalisation and development.