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Diploma in Languages (D-LANG) // Entry and participation requirements

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Entry requirements

1. In order to be considered for entry, applicants must have:

  • concurrent enrolment in a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree or an approved graduate coursework or research higher degree program.

Meeting this requirement does not guarantee selection.

2. In ranking applications, the Selection Committee will consider:

  • prior academic performance.

Quotas may apply for individual language streams.

3. The Selection Committee may seek further information to clarify any aspect of an application in accordance with the Academic Board rules on the use of selection instruments.

4. Applicants will satisfy the University’s English language requirements for the Diploma by meeting the English language requirements for the undergraduate, graduate coursework or research higher degree in which they are enrolled concurrently.


  • Students are permitted to enter the diploma at the start of any semester before the completion of the companion undergraduate, graduate or RHD program.
  • Undergraduate students are encouraged to complete one year of study before applying for the Diploma in Languages and should complete the appropriate language subjects in the first year of their degree.
  • For undergraduate students, up to 50 points of advanced standing into the Diploma in Languages may be granted. Once a subject has been successfully completed, credit points for the subject cannot be moved between the degree and the diploma to allow additional subjects to be taken in the degree.
  • The Diploma in Languages cannot be awarded until all requirements of both the diploma and the undergraduate degree (or graduate coursework or research higher degree program) have been met.

For application and further admission information for the Diploma please visit the following websites:

Undergraduate students: http://ba.unimelb.edu.au/study/degrees/diploma-in-languages/overview

Graduate students: http://arts.unimelb.edu.au/students/graduate-coursework/enrich-your-program/diploma-in-languages

Core participation requirements

The inherent academic requirements for study in the Diploma of Languages are:

  • the ability to attend classes and actively engage in both independent and group learning;
  • the ability to comprehend complex disciplinary and interdisciplinary information;
  • the ability to explain and evaluate complex concepts, theories and issues at work in a variety of texts;
  • the ability to clearly communicate a knowledge and application of language principles and practices during assessment tasks.

Students must possess behavioural and social attributes that enable them to participate in a complex learning environment. They must take full responsibility for their own participation and learning and adhere to the expectations outlined in the Student Charter.

Students also contribute to the learning of other students in collaborative environments and must therefore demonstrate a wide range of interpersonal skills which consider the needs of other students. Assessment may include the outcomes of tasks completed in collaboration with other students. Integrity, concern for others, interpersonal skills, interest, and motivation are all personal qualities that are deemed necessary for students enrolled in the BA.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) welcomes applications from students with disabilities. It is University and Faculty policy to take all reasonable steps to enable the participation of students with disabilities. Students who feel their disability will prevent them from participating in tasks involving these inherent academic requirements are encouraged to contact Disability Liaison. Adjustments can be provided to minimise the impact of a disability; however, students should participate in the course in an independent manner.