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  • Oral Medicine & Special Needs DentistryDENT90081


    This subject has the following components: Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery and Special Needs Dentistry.

  • Growth and OcclusionDENT90129


    The subject integrates the development of the orofacial tissues from the embryonic stages through to completion of growth. Human growth phases and the influence these have on the provision of dental treatment in the specialities of paediatric dentistry and orthodontics is introduced. "Occlusion"...

  • Intro to Dental Medicine and SurgeryDENT90126

    Offered:January, JulyYear:2019

    Students will learn about the links between oral and systemic health as well as systemic health and disease more generally. Components will include: General Pathology for Dental Practice; Therapeutics for Dental Practice; Principles of Medicine in Dental Practice.

  • Oral Structure and Function 1DENT90058


    This subject (which will be continued as "Oral Structure and Function 2" in blocks 3 and 4) facilitates learning of head and neck anatomy, the embryology and histology of the head, neck and oral structures, tooth development and morphology, oral anatomy, masticatory function including associated ...

  • Research Design 1DENT90011

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject, currently subtitled "Tools for Research, Writing and Publishing", introduces students to critical analysis of literature, planning a research protocol and writing a thesis.

  • Diseases and DentistryDENT90112


    This is a highly integrated subject that brings together advanced concepts in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, anatomy, behavioural science and clinical practice that are relevant to the understanding of oral and general health and disease. Students will learn abo...

  • Periodontics 2DENT90100


    Following on from Periodontics 1 this subject focuses on intermediate periodontal procedures, inter-relationships with other specialist branches of dentistry and the periodontal-systemic relationship. Learning is achieved through a series of weekly 3-hour seminars and clinical placements, which o...

  • Minor Thesis 1DENT90109

    Offered:Year LongYear:2019

    This subject follows on from the Doctor of Clinical Dentistry year 1 subject Research Proposal with work commencing on the research project that includes project development, conducting experimental work, data analysis, data collection and thesis writing, as well as making any adjustments necessa...

  • Oral Medicine 2DENT90091


    Following on from Oral Medicine 1, this subject focuses on developing introductory learnings to intermediate knowledge in the oral medicine field in preparation before their final year of speciality practice. The subject continues to build students’ understanding on the aetiology, pathogenesis, i...

  • Dental Research Project ADENT90119


    This subject provides students with a background in research design, ethics, statistics and literature review before commencing a research project. In the 3rd year of the DDS, the continuation and completion of this project will take place under the companion subject 'Dental Research Project B’. ...

  • Periodontics 1DENT90099

    Offered:Year LongYear:2019

    This subject provides the basis for the study of periodontics that is concerned with diseases that may affect the supporting structures of teeth. Learning is achieved through a series of weekly 3-hour seminars as well as clinical placements. The subject will introduce a student to the areas of ae...

  • Surgery, Society and ProfessionalismSURG90030

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    The aim of this subject is to locate the role of surgery in the broader community. The concept of professionalism is explored from a sociological perspective. Ways in which patients’ voices are heard will be considered. Contemporary challenges in professionalism will be identified together with ...

  • Advanced Mental Health and AgeingPSYT90095

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject extends the knowledge and skills developed in the prerequisite Mental Health and Ageing course. Management of mental health in older persons is explored from a range of biomedical and social perspectives. Topics include optimising mental health during ageing, preventing and managing ...

  • Research Thesis Capstone - Part 1MEDI90098

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    In this subject, each student will research, design and present a project proposal and undertake a substantial literature review that will form the basis of their research project. In doing so, students will put into practice the advanced theoretical knowledge they have learnt during other taught...

  • Vessels Nerves Lungs and MusculoskeletalMEDI90102

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    In the subject, the student will learn about ultrasound assessment of lung and musculoskeletal ultrasound and learn how to perform ultrasound guided vascular access and nerve blocks 

  • Management of Low Vision PatientsOPTO90007

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    Topics covered within this subject include the epidemiology and geographic distribution of blindness; the roles and methods within the rehabilitative team for the support and rehabilitation of the visually disabled; the procedures for comprehensive assessment of rehabilitation of the visually dis...

  • Evidence for PracticeNURS90009

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject focuses on the appraisal and use of research in clinical practice. Its purpose is to develop practitioners' confidence and skills in critical consumption of research and evaluation for use in the workplace. Topics covered include: overview of common research and evaluation methods an...

  • Infant Observation and Assessment SkillsPSYT90081

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject will introduce students to the skills of observation of infant and toddler behaviour and communication and family interactions. The method of infant observation as developed by Esther Bick, and the application of the Bick Method of infant observation in mental health and psychotherap...

  • Exercise for WomenPHTY90004

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject comprises 4 modules. Exercise for the childbearing year comprises the study of the physiology of pregnancy, the impact of vigorous activity on maternal and foetal physiology, post-natal recovery including pelvic floor rehabilitation, exercise prescription, delivery and the evaluatio...

  • Oral Health Sciences 4ORAL90003

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject has the following components: Medically compromised patients, oral medicine and pharmacology, local anaesthesia and emergency management of oral conditions. It will be conducted as a didactic and case based component. This subject continues alongside subjects Oral Pathology and Adul...