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  • Global Child HealthPOPH90086


    This subject provides an overview and practical guidelines to address child health issues among disadvantaged populations and in low resources settings. Key issues addressed include: acute respiratory illness, diarrhoea diseases, peri natal conditions, nutritional deficiencies, and communicable d...

  • Gender and HealthPOPH90199

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject will introduce sex/gender as a social construct. We will take a historical perspective to explore the women’s health and men’s health movements. We will compare and contrast the health of men and women and critically analyse the explanations that have been offered for both the differ...

  • Leadership for an Ageing WorkforcePOPH90266

    Offered:Term 3Year:2019

    The world is in the middle of an historic demographic shift in which an ageing population and changing social attitudes interact with a range of other megatrends transforming work organisation and organisational leadership. This subject focuses on understanding how demographic and other changes c...

  • Prioritising & Planning in Public HealthPOPH90274


    This is a core subject of the Master of Public Health degree. In this unit students will be introduced to the concepts, frameworks and methods used in prioritising and planning in public health. This unit will introduce students to the conceptual approaches and key methods used to conduct a healt...

  • Global Challenges in Adolescent HealthPOPH90087


    Adolescence is a period of growth and opportunity, and can also be a time of social risk and developmental vulnerability. This subject focuses on four key health issues of global significance for young people: sexual and reproductive health; mental health - including suicide prevention; alcohol a...

  • Consumer Participatory Health TechnologyPOPH90294

    Offered:Semester 2Year:2019

    Growing numbers of consumers are actively using various social Internet technologies for health-related purposes – to facilitate taking care of their own health, accessing health services and getting involved in health research, for example.  These consumers are influencing new approaches to heal...

  • Public Health in PracticePOPH90227

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject is a capstone subject within the Master of Public Health. In this unit, students will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the pre-requisite subjects to real-world scenarios through a Problem Based Learning (PBL) approach. Students will be presented with...

  • Population Health Research Project 1POPH40005

    Offered:Semester 1Year:2019

    This subject is delivered in two consecutive parts. Whilst these have separate subject codes, they are considered to be a single continuing subject of 75 credit points. At the end of the first part, students will receive a CNT (Continuing – ongoing) grade. At the completion of the second part, st...

  • Primary Health Care, Jamkhed, IndiaPOPH90137

    Offered:NovemberYear:2019Quotas apply

    The Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) in Jamkhed, India has won global acclaim and provided inspiration for the seminal Declaration of Alma Ata (1978). It remains one of the world’s most influential and innovative comprehensive community health and development programs. In this 3 week res...

  • Research Thesis Capstone - Part 1MEDI90098

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    In this subject, each student will research, design and present a project proposal and undertake a substantial literature review that will form the basis of their research project. In doing so, students will put into practice the advanced theoretical knowledge they have learnt during other taught...

  • Management of Low Vision PatientsOPTO90007

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    Topics covered within this subject include the epidemiology and geographic distribution of blindness; the roles and methods within the rehabilitative team for the support and rehabilitation of the visually disabled; the procedures for comprehensive assessment of rehabilitation of the visually dis...

  • Evidence for PracticeNURS90009

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject focuses on the appraisal and use of research in clinical practice. Its purpose is to develop practitioners' confidence and skills in critical consumption of research and evaluation for use in the workplace. Topics covered include: overview of common research and evaluation methods an...

  • Surgery, Society and ProfessionalismSURG90030

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    The aim of this subject is to locate the role of surgery in the broader community. The concept of professionalism is explored from a sociological perspective. Ways in which patients’ voices are heard will be considered. Contemporary challenges in professionalism will be identified together with ...

  • Advanced Mental Health and AgeingPSYT90095

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject extends the knowledge and skills developed in the prerequisite Mental Health and Ageing course. Management of mental health in older persons is explored from a range of biomedical and social perspectives. Topics include optimising mental health during ageing, preventing and managing ...

  • Vessels Nerves Lungs and MusculoskeletalMEDI90102

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    In the subject, the student will learn about ultrasound assessment of lung and musculoskeletal ultrasound and learn how to perform ultrasound guided vascular access and nerve blocks 

  • Exercise for WomenPHTY90004

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject comprises 4 modules. Exercise for the childbearing year comprises the study of the physiology of pregnancy, the impact of vigorous activity on maternal and foetal physiology, post-natal recovery including pelvic floor rehabilitation, exercise prescription, delivery and the evaluatio...

  • Oral Health Sciences 4ORAL90003

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject has the following components: Medically compromised patients, oral medicine and pharmacology, local anaesthesia and emergency management of oral conditions. It will be conducted as a didactic and case based component. This subject continues alongside subjects Oral Pathology and Adul...

  • Creative Approaches: Children and YouthHLTH90015

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject, provided by an interdisciplinary team,  will introduce students to the core elements of the use of creativity and performance, both theory and practice, and how it can be used to improve the health and well being of children and young people who are receiving care in health care set...

  • Creative Practice: Children and YouthHLTH90016

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    This subject will focus on the application of skills developed in Creative Approaches: Children and Youth in practice settings where children and young people receive health services. Case studies will be presented to the students from a range of settings to demonstrate how programs that focus on...

  • Supportive Care and Palliative CareMEDI90085

    Offered:Not offered inYear:2019

    With the rapidly increasing volume of patients with a diagnosis of cancer there are an increasing number of patients having to deal with the consequences of cancer. This subject will provide an evidenced-based, best practice approach to both palliative care and survivorship care. It will address ...